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Azure Database Migration Service: February updates

Published date: February 09, 2018

Here are the latest updates to the public preview of Azure Database Migration Service:

  • Support for additional regions. You can provision Azure Database Migration Service in the Southeast Asia and West India regions to migrate on-premises instances of SQL Server to Azure SQL Database.
  • Provisioning in a specific resource group. You can select a new or existing resource group in which to provision an instance of Azure Database Migration Service, which will host the service and all related resources.
  • Auto-pause functionality. The auto-pause feature added to Azure Database Migration Service will pause the service after 24 consecutive hours of inactivity. To resume a migration, simply restart the service. 
  • Improved guidance on exceptions and failures. The guidance provided on various Azure Database Migration Service exceptions and failures has been refined and extended. You now have more detail on potential issues and specific actions that you can take to address the underlying conditions if you encounter failures at various states, such as service creation and connecting to the source SQL Server instance.

For more information about these updates, see the blog post.

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