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Public preview: Azure Percept DK July (2107) software update is available

Published date: August 09, 2021

Azure Percept DK July (2107) SW update is available. 

Update packages can be found for here. Updates are highly recommend in order to keep the device up to date with latest fixes and features.

Release Notes:

  • [Important] Due to a code signing change OTA (Over-The-Air) package for this release is only compatible with Azure Percept DK running the 2106 release. For Azure Percept DK users who are currently running older SW release version, Microsoft recommends to perform an update over USB cable or perform an OTA update first to release 2106 before updating to 2107.
  • Wi-Fi:  
    • Security hardening to ensure the Devkit's Access Point is shut down after Setup completes.
    • Fixed the issue that pushing the 'Setup' button on the devkit could cause the Devkit's Access Point to be out of sync with the Setup Experience web service.
    • Enhanced the Access Points iptables rules to be more resilient and removed unnecessary rules.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple connected Wi-Fi networks would not be properly prioritized.
  • OOBE:
    • Added language localization for all valid shipping regions and updated the text on some pages for better readability.
    • Fixed an issue where the Setup Experience would sometimes be stuck on a loading page.
  • General Networking:
    • Resolved issues with IPv6 not being able to obtain a valid DHCP lease.
  • Mariner:
    • Latest security fixes.

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