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Private Preview: Azure Backup enables vaulted backups for Azure Files for comprehensive data protection.

Published date: March 09, 2023

Azure Backup now supports configuring vaulted backups for Azure Files. A vault is a logical entity that stores the backups and recovery points created over time. You can create a backup policy to define your backup schedule and retention. Based on the policy definition, Azure Backup service transfers backups to the vault and manages their lifecycle. Hence, you get automated managed off-site backups.

Here are some key benefits of vaulted backups:

1.) An isolated copy of the data that enables you to continue your business operations even if the source data is compromised by performing seamless restores using backups.

2.) Long-term retention for up to 99 years to meet your audit and compliance requirements.

3.) Secure encrypted backups providing ransomware protection.

4.) Centralized backup management via the Backup center.


Fill in this form to enroll for a private preview and try out the solution that provides coverage against the data loss scenarios beyond accidental deletes or modifications.

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