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Chaos studio - Public preview updates for January 2023 

Published date: January 30, 2023

Azure Chaos Studio public preview has several new features and fault actions available.

New features:

  • VNet injection allows a Chaos resource provider to inject containerized workloads into your VNet to allow you to access resources without public endpoints.
  • Dynamic targeting is now available. Currently only supported for the VMSS shutdown V2 fault, dynamic targeting allows you to more easily target resources by availability zone.
  • Azure Chaos Studio is available in Australia east region.
  • Service Tags are enabled in Chaos Studio. See Permissions and security for Azure Chaos Studio

New faults:

  • VMSS shutdown 2.0 - This fault is an updated version of the existing VMSS shutdown 1.0 fault, that supports dynamic targeting.
  • Key Vault Certificate faults: The following new faults are available related to Key Vault Certificates:
    • Increment certificate version - Generates new certificate version and thumbprint using the Key Vault Certificate client library.
    • Disable certificate - Disables a certificate for a specified duration.
    • Update certificate policy - Can change various certificate policies during an experiment, and then revert the changes after a specified duration.
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