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Azure IoT Central new and updated features—October 2020

Published date: November 12, 2020

Jobs improvements

Scheduling in the updated jobs wizard lets you configure:

  • A one-time scheduled job for future execution .
  • A recurring job which can run daily or weekly and runs multiple times.

IoT Edge with IoT Central updates

Device templates for IoT Edge devices have been updated. You can now create modules without requiring interfaces in the device template. Therefore IoT Edge modules deployed to an edge device don’t have to communicate with the cloud through telemetry, properties and commands.

Device builder documentation improvements

A new companion article to the Troubleshooting guide answers Frequently asked questions from our customers. The article answers common questions such as what to do when a device doesn’t connect with IoT Central, how to unblock a device, and how to associate a device with device template.

Auth and customer header support in webhooks

New auth and configuration options in data export for your webhook destination help you connect to your server endpoint. You can create webhooks with no auth, OAuth 2.0, or an authorization header. You can add custom headers to give additional information to your server.

Dashboard Improvements

Line chart visualizations now let you select your interval size for data aggregation. Previously, interval size was determined by splitting your selected time range into 50 even intervals. You now have control over the size of those intervals. For example,a display range of 30 minutes and an interval of 5 minutes shows aggregated data at 6 evenly distributed points that are 5 minutes apart.

When viewing a single device on a map tile, you can now set a default zoom. The hover card on map tiles now has a link to the device dashboard:

Screenshot showing zomm configuration on map tile

The way you select capabilities for visualizing in tiles on your dashboard has improved. You can now search and filter using a drop-down.

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