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The latest Azure IoT Edge release is now available

Published date: November 22, 2019

The latest version of Azure IoT Edge includes the following improvements. See the full release notes on the GitHub release page.

  • Fixes for a few CVEs that are present in the base layer used by Edge Agent and Edge Hub. We don’t believe the CVEs directly impact IoT Edge, however their presence in our base images could expose them on IoT Edge devices. The CVEs patches include: CVE-2018-8269, CVE-2019-1301, and CVE-2019-1302.
  • IoT Edge now matches the increased IoT Hub limits:
    • The device and module twin size increased from 8 kb to 32 kb.
    • The levels of nesting in a device and module twin increased from 5 levels to 10 levels.
    • The key size increased from 64 b to 1 k, and the value size increased from 512 b to 4 k.

Read instructions on how to update IoT Edge.

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