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Custom Translator—September new features, improvements and bug fixes

Published date: September 09, 2020

Here are the updates on Custom Translator improvements and new features for September 2020.

New Features

  • Seamless deployment swaps

Now you can seamlessly swap a deployed model with another within a project. During the swap process, the deployed model will continue to be available to serve translation requests.


  • Display of training failure information to customer

Details about training or deployment failures are now displayed in the portal.


  • Workspace pinning

Workspaces can now be pinned with Custom Translator. When you pin a workspace, it is selected by default during site loads after sign-in. This makes navigation easier when you have many workspaces.


  • Side by side display of documents

You can now view uploaded documents in a new side-by-side format for easier comparison.


  • Quicky copy of Translator Text category ID

We added "copy button" to enable you to copy your Translator Text API category id in one-click.


  • Improvements and Bug fixes
    • Updated training cost display
    • Improved error handling on the upload files dialog and the create project dialog
    • Progress is now displayed during project edit
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