Monatliche Updates für Mai 2015

4 Mai

Azure Standard VPN Gateway

We’ve announced a new Azure Virtual Private Network (VPN) Gateway that allows you to connect your virtual network via ExpressRoute and site-to-site VPN.

  • Virtual Network
  • VPN Gateway
  • Security
4 Mai

Announcing Microsoft Operations Management Suite


The Microsoft Operations Management Suite is the IT management solution for the era of the cloud; a single solution, built to manage your entire enterprise environment regardless of location, operating system, hypervisors, or cloud provider choices.

  • Automation
  • Azure Backup
4 Mai

New Azure Automation features for easier integration and orchestration

Azure Automation enables the creation, deployment, and maintenance of resources for cloud and on-premises environments by using a highly scalable and reliable workflow service.

  • Automation
4 Mai

Azure Site Recovery supports NetApp Private Storage

Azure Site Recovery can now replicate and recover SAN-based, on-premises Hyper-V workloads to Azure compute emulator connected to NetApp Private Storage.

4 Mai

Mobile Engagement iOS SDK supports Swift

Apps written in iOS Swift can now use an updated Mobile Engagement iOS SDK.

4 Mai

Public preview: Azure DNS


Azure Domain Name System (DNS) allows you to host your domains with your Azure apps. By hosting your domains in Azure, you can manage your DNS records by using your existing Azure subscription.

  • Azure DNS
4 Mai

General availablity: Cloud App Discovery


Cloud App Discovery, a module of Azure Active Directory Premium is now generally available and accessible via the Microsoft Azure portal. It can provide your IT department with visibility into all your organization’s business and consumer cloud apps.

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Security
4 Mai

Multiple VIPs per cloud service

Now you can assign more than one load-balanced public IP address to a set of virtual machines, enabling high-availability and high-scale scenarios.

  • Cloud Services
  • Virtual Machines
4 Mai

General availability: Azure Operational Insights


Azure Operational Insights is available as part of the Microsoft Operations Management Suite.

4 Mai

General availability: Azure ExpressRoute Premium add-on package


For Azure ExpressRoute customers who require a large number of Border Gateway Protocol routes, global connectivity, or more Azure virtual network links per circuit, we’ve introduced the ExpressRoute Premium add-on package.

  • Azure ExpressRoute
1 Mai

Visual Studio supports creating and deploying App Service Logic Apps

You can use Visual Studio to create and deploy your Logic Apps, as well as other new improvements like the ability to see the history of trigger executions and access documentation right from the designer.

  • App Service


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