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    VS cannot publish to Azure App Services

    Forum: Azure App Configuration

    How to find ExpressRoute usage?

    Forum: Azure Networking (DNS, Traffic Manager, VPN, VNET)


    Antworten der Community auf Entwicklungsfragen

    Feedback zu Azure

    Möchten Sie aufgrund Ihrer Erfahrung mit Azure neue Ideen oder Vorschläge einbringen?

    allow FUSE mounting in Containers

    I have data in Azure Blobstore that I would like to process with a Docker container. However, to run Azure blobfuse (and any other fuse fs) requires the CAP_SYS capability, which is not currently available.

    Add creation time and last launch time for a VM (API and Portal)

    Add details of creation time and last launch time of a virtual machine via the API and in the Portal This data is very useful for multiple use cases

    Expose proxyusername and password parameter through commandline options in Azure cosmos db migrations tool

    Not available proxy user name and password parameters through command line option to pass it in Azure DB Migration tool. I have developed Azure devops custom task by executing command line parameter with exe and it is failing due proxy issue (407). Is there any possibility for exposing through proxy username and password

    Expend search criteria to more them 50 users

    When adding users to an Enterprise Application, the search only shows the first 50 result. I would suggest that this gets expended, as it a pain, if you have more then that.

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