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SQL Server price is not showing on summary page when creating a VM with SQL Server

When creating a VM with SQL Server from Marketplace, the SQL Server hourly cost is not showing on summary page, only OS hourly cost.

Azure policy - Add feature to specify the display name when adding the Azure policy to an Initiative definition

We have created two generic Policy Definitions for checking if a Tag exists (the Tag name is a parameter), one for Resources and one for Resource Groups. Then they have used those two generic Policy Definitions to create an Initiative Definition with 6 policies (each for specific Tag name). But the display names are all the same, we can't confirm which tag the Policy is checking. We have to open each assignment to see the params. Please help to improve this.

Always Preferred Restoration

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DNS Zone Search Results

Currently searching for records in an Azure DNS Zone, you have to spam the "Load More" button until it doesn't display any more to ensure you have found all possible records that match the query. I should be able to search once and retrieve all results.

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