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    while deploying or provisioning the cosmos DB -DataBase SharedOffer is Disabled for your account, for further queries please contact support

    while deploying or provisioning the cosmos DB and Database I'm getting this error - DataBase SharedOffer is Disabled for your account, for further queries please contact support. Is there anything we need to opt in the subscription level.

    Support Resource id , name and tags in CSP api

    I use the following api "" to retrieve data from my customers connected to the CSP platform. To be exactly I retrieve this data with the Get-PartnerCustomerSubscriptionUsage but I am guessing the backend of the module is just calling this api as the results are the same. Now what my question is: In the results of that api you get the quantity used and the total price of every resource in azure of each customer and their subscriptions. What bothers me a lot is that i get no resource id (the id that is mentioned inside the result page is a deploymentid) so if i want to collect this data and need to know how many hours or the price tag of a virtual machine is I can't see this. I get only the service name (Diskxxxx was used *** /hour and costed *** dollars) But For me diskxxx is not readable because i want an overview what the virtual machine has cost me, what the storage account has cost me, what the sql db has cost me. A way to retrieve this information however is available in this api where you can find the value resource uri where I can work in Powershell to retrieve the exact resource and get this in my csv. But in the last api I don't have the cost of the resource just the usage. It would be nice if somehow the resourceuri is also been added to the first api or powershell command. So that I can retrieve the resourceuri and know the cost and the usage

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