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Error when Applying Virtual Machine Tags

Forum: Azure Virtual Machines

ADLA Databases for multi-tenant question

Forum: Azure Data Lake Analytics & Store

ADFS 3.0 and Azure AD Connect

Forum: Azure Active Directory


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Feedback zu Azure

Möchten Sie aufgrund Ihrer Erfahrung mit Azure neue Ideen oder Vorschläge einbringen?

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Diamond Line Painting

Website Address: Serving Burlington, Alberta T1A 7L4 Phone: 905-453-0491 Keyword Line Painting Description: Brampton Line Painting, Burlington Line Striping, Brampton Pavement Marking, Brampton Warehouse Line Painting, Brampton Parking Lot Line Painting, Brampton Line Painting Companies, Brampton Line Marking, Brampton Parking Lines, Brampton Pavement Painting, Brampton Safety Lines. Diamond Line Painting.

Align hyper threaded VM IO throughput with previous gen limits

It is clear that Azure is pushing all new VM SKUs into an HT-based scenario where the days of "vCore" are gone and now we have "vCPU", a marked distinction in overall performance potential. This is critically important for licensed software, especially Microsoft's own SQL Server Enterprise Edition priced at 274/core/month. However, such is life, HT is the way this will be presented from this point forward. However, in making VM provisioning decisions, these "new" HT SKUs have HALF of the IO limits (IOPS/MBPS) of their similarly configured non-HT SKUs of previous generation(s). This scenario is true for D,E,F.. and surely others. I manage MSSQL large data (25+TB), very large file shares (100M objs with NTFS perm requirements), and other data objects on Azure IAAS. I have to insist that absolutely none of our assets are deployed onto HT VM SKUs as my cost of operations essentially doubles to reach the same level of performance and throughput. I suspect that "bang for buck" SKUs like DSv2 are not long for this world; the previous "bang for buck" G-series has risen in price and no longer offers CPP/RI to keep that cost in check. Feedback: Please offer VM SKUs with relative IO performance per vCPU as we had with vCore. I'm otherwise incentivized to avoid the modern gear in favor of keeping my cost models in line with our migration to Azure in the first place.

PodNodeSelector on AKS

Please implement PodNodeSelector admission controller in AKS. It's useful for clusters with multiple agentpools which contain specialized VMs and/or for segregating production vs. development workloads.

Build an OS that it's sole purpose is to connect to to Azure's Windows Virtual Desktop. Can run on USB stick or PC.

Build a secure OS that it's sole purpose is to connect to to Azure's Windows Virtual Desktop. Can run on a "Windows 2 Go" USB stick or PC. Maybe allow a few apps that are locked down. The OS could also be installed on a hard drive after reformatting it. In addition to this, it would be great to have a powerful thin client to connect to Azure WVD in the same way.

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