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    Change route-based VPN to a policy-based VPN

    Forum: Azure Networking (DNS, Traffic Manager, VPN, VNET)

    ASR Capacity Planner Tool

    Forum: Microsoft Azure Site Recovery


    Antworten der Community auf Entwicklungsfragen

    Batch insert to Table Storage via Azure function

    • azure
    • .net-core
    • azure-functions
    • azure-table-storage
    • azure-queues

    Single Sign on Authentication between Firebase web app and Azure AD

    • firebase
    • azure
    • authentication
    • firebase-authentication
    • single-sign-on

    Using Azure Devops API, how to I create projects from .xlsx file?

    • c#
    • azure
    • rest
    • azure-devops
    • azure-devops-rest-api

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    Azure Virtual network gateway IP logs

    Team,It would be nice to get the list of IPs (Internal/External) that access the Virtual network gateway public IP. We are not using any NSG's rather we route all the traffic to NVA using UDR. Without NSG, Azure traffic analyzer does not give any data /Malicious IPs/log of internal and external IP that access azure virtual network gateway Public IP. I raised a ticket to MS, and they confirm that the feature is not available. Can you please look in to it?edThank you

    Allow Power BI access to restricted storage accounts

    Allow Power BI Service to access storage accounts that have restricted networks. We want to use Dataflows to access files stored in a data lake. But we don’t want the datalake being exposed to the world.

    respond faster to support requests

    it takes one or sometimes two days for someone to answer support requests, i suggest to make it faster.

    Good Interacting with Microsoft Support Team

    Good Interacting with Microsoft Support Team

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