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    PowerBI support from MSIT be yanked and PowerBi team or CSS starts supporting atleast for premium capacity

    PowerBI support from MSIT be yanked and PowerBi team or CSS starts supporting atleast for premium capacity . Current support model for premium capacity for Internal Team is pathetic and frustrating with all request always going through hops for days and never getting resolved.

    Ability to partially pay your dues

    There is no way one can partially make a payment using a configured credit card. There are many scenarios where I want to make use of more than one credit card to settle my invoice. This simple use case implementation does not exist in Azure billing! One can however get this done using a support ticket which is an unfortunate waste of both Microsoft and an organization's resources

    Azure Front Door Custom Https Certificate takes longer

    Hi, I came cross a situation where we used custom https certificate in Front Door in prod. I needed to renew that and applied to Front Door. I applied to front door but it took more than an hour but as open label there it should 20mins or may be 4-5hr or more no idea. I left that process running in night that was got completed in the morning. So no idea how much time it took. I opened an azure support ticket. They also don't have any visibility when it was finished completely. And there is way to figure out where it is update or should it be cancelled or wait and how long should wait. So I think there is some need for improvement for logs or something that can give user or azure support some kind of visibility what is going on behind the scene and where are we upto?

    Kroger Experience Fuel Points

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