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Azure IoT Central

Experience the simplicity of SaaS for IoT (Internet of Things), with no cloud expertise required—Azure IoT Central is a fully managed global IoT SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that makes it easy to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT assets at scale. Bring your connected products to market faster while staying focused on your customers.

Fast and easy

  • Start in minutes and create a finished solution in hours
  • Build without any cloud development expertise

Scalable and secure

  • Connect your devices at any scale without worrying about infrastructure
  • Get best-in-class security

Enterprise grade

  • Built on proven enterprise-grade Azure services
  • Full integration into your existing business systems and processes

Einrichtung von IoT-Lösungen vereinfachen

Erstellen Sie in wenigen Stunden IoT-Anwendungen auf Produktionsniveau, ohne sich um die Infrastrukturverwaltung oder die Beauftragung von Entwicklern mit speziellen Qualifikationen sorgen zu müssen. Senken Sie die Komplexität der Anpassung, Bereitstellung und Skalierung einer IoT-Lösung. Bringen Sie Ihre vernetzten Lösungen schneller auf den Markt, ohne den Fokus auf Ihre Kunden zu verlieren.

Geräte mühelos vernetzen und verwalten

Easily build and configure your IoT solution using Azure IoT Central without cloud development expertise. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple for you to connect, manage, and control access to millions of connected products remotely, throughout their lifecycle.

Rest easy with world-class security and privacy

With Azure IoT Central, end-to-end IoT security features are built into the managed cloud solution from the ground up, so you can to help maintain the security of your connected products. Privacy features like role-based access and integration with your Active Directory permissions help keep you in control of your data.

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Experience the simplicity of SaaS for IoT, with no cloud expertise required

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