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General availability of Persistent Volume monitoring & Reports tab in Container Insights

Published date: March 02, 2021

Container insights from Azure Monitor now announces general availability of Persistent Volume (PV) monitoring for AKS clusters. This feature supports:

  • Visualization of the all the PVs associated with your Pods via workbook.
  • Monitoring capacity usage trends & status of the PVs.
  • Query and consume PV capacity data at Log Analytics via KQL query.

Container insights also added a new Reports tab to give customers one stop access to all the advanced monitoring workbooks & visualization for Kubernetes, such as Node-disk, Node-network, Workloads, Persistent Volume monitoring, and many more. These visualizations are now easily accessible in one click.

These features were previously in preview: PV monitoring preview & Reports tab preview.

Learn more about Reports tab.

Learn more about PV monitoring.

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