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GA Load Balancer in Azure API Management

Published date: May 21, 2024

The General Availability of the Load Balancer feature in Azure API Management is here! Now, customers can effortlessly create a pool of backends and efficiently distribute the load across multiple endpoints. By establishing backend pools, users can seamlessly balance the load across various backends when integrating multiple backends for an API.

This innovative feature allows customers to spread the load across multiple backends, each potentially equipped with individual backend circuit breakers, ensuring optimal performance and resilience. Additionally, users can seamlessly shift the load from one set of backends to another for upgrades or maintenance purposes, ensuring continuous service availability.

With support for round-robin, weighted, and priority-based load balancing, customers have the flexibility to tailor the load distribution strategy according to their specific requirements. This comprehensive load balancing functionality enhances the scalability, reliability, and performance of APIs managed through Azure API Management, providing users with a robust solution for their API management needs.

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