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Disaster Recovery to Azure enhanced, and we’re listening!

In order for us to deliver a superior experience for leveraging Azure as your Disaster Recovery site, we brought together a broad range of expertise from multiple teams. With what we’ve been able to achieve together, we see Azure Site Recovery (ASR) has an exciting new beginning.

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Virtual Academy: Exploring Microservice Architecture

Join us on May 5, for “Exploring Microservices in Docker and Microsoft Azure,” as we learn from leading experts Bob Familiar and Kris Lankford. We’ll investigate the benefits and challenges of microservices, with real-life examples and demos.


Service Monitoring and Diagnostics

To keep a metric high you’ve got to measure it all the time. The key to this is telemetry: data that is collected about the performance of your app.


Migrate Heterogeneous IT Environments to Azure with ASR

As an enabling technology for AoD, Azure Site Recovery provides a unified solution to replicate Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines and physical servers to Azure, enabling workload-aware recovery and migration for your heterogeneous IT environments.


Seamless Migrations into Azure with Availability on Demand (AoD)

Thousands of customers signed up for our Migration Accelerator public preview, and based on its success, we’ve decided to increase our focus in this area and improve upon the Migration Accelerator by streamlining its user interface and integrating it into our AoD solution.

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Analytics for Mobile Apps

With over 3 million published mobile apps, how do you make yours stand out?