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Azure SQL Database

Microsoft Azure SQL Database provides unparalleled data security in the cloud with Always Encrypted

14 Ekim 2015 Çarşamba

From the smallest startup to the largest enterprise, data security is increasingly top of mind for all businesses, especially as they continue to target the cloud for both new and existing applications. Building on the security foundations of SQL Server, we’re supporting customers as they transform their business and move to the cloud – and as such, we are announcing a number of security features for Azure SQL Database.

Corporate Vice President, Data Platform, Cloud + Enterprise

Microsoft Applications on Azure

5 Ekim 2015 Pazartesi

Over the last few years, we have made many investments in Azure to help you deploy Microsoft applications into the public cloud in an easy and safe way, a Cloud First approach to your application plans. AzureCon, just last week, was an exciting opportunity to talk about some of the latest improvements we have made in this area.

Corporate Vice President, Azure