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    Point-to-site clients can see VM's in Virtual Network but cannot access site-to-site resources

    • azure
    • networking
    • azure-virtual-machine
    • azure-virtual-network
    • azure-vpn

    Change the Nvidia driver version on the compute cluster of Azure Machine Learning

    • azure
    • azure-virtual-machine
    • azure-machine-learning-service
    • azure-vm
    • azureml-python-sdk

    AZURE get ip of virtual machine SDK c#

    • c#
    • azure
    • azure-virtual-machine


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    VM ready should wait for scripts in CustomData to execute

    It would be nice to be able to indicate that data provided in CustomData will be executed as a script by CloudInit or a similar tool, and then wait to show the VM as Ready only after the script is executed.

    Performance tiers for managed disks without deallocation

    The feature described here https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/disks-change-performance is really great but "You must either deallocate your VM or detach your disk from a running VM before you can change the disk's tier" which is a big disadvantage. Can this feature be made available for online changes?

    Azure Serial Console: Support Managed Storage for Boot Diagnostics settings

    Right now if we want to use the serial console functions we have to use a custom storage account for boot diagnostics - it cannot work with a managed storage account.please configure allowing serial console to work with managed boot diagnostics storage accounts

    Azure Disk Encryption - Support for Generation 2 VM's

    Azure Disk Encryption does not support Generation 2 VM's - we would like this supportEDIT - it seems this might be supported at least for windows VM's but not yet documented?

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