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Bing Autosuggest API v7

Empower users to type less and do more with automated and complete search suggestions.

1,000 transactions per month, up to 1 per second. Trial keys expire after a 7 day period.

Computer Vision

Analyze content in images and video.

5,000 transactions, 20 per minute.


Detect and identify people and emotions in images.

30,000 transactions, 20 per minute.

Speech services PREVIEW


Speech to Text
Text to Speech
Speech Translation

Unified Speech Services for free trials on 5,000 transactions per month, 20 per minute. Trial keys will expire after a 30 day period, after which you can create a Cognitive Services account on Azure portal. As part of the bundle, this trial only includes the following: Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Speech Translation, Speaker Recognition.

Text Analytics

Detect sentiment, key phrases, and named entities.

5,000 transactions per month.

Anomaly Detector

Embed anomaly detection capabilities

20,000 transactions free per month


Create personalized user experiences

50,000 transactions free per month