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Azure Data Box Family

Data migration to Azure made fast, simple, and secure

Data BoxPreview

Use Azure Data Box service when you want to transfer large amounts of data to Azure but are limited by time, network availability or costs.

Transferring terabytes of data to the cloud is hard. Azure Data Box provides a secure, tamper-resistant method for quick and simple transfer of your data to Azure, offering 100TB capacity. You can order the Data Box through the Azure portal. Easily connect it to your existing network, then load your data onto Data Box using standard NAS protocols (SMB/CIFS). Your data is automatically protected using 256-AES encryption. Data Box is returned to the Azure Data Center to be uploaded to Azure, then the device is securely erased.

Data Box DiskPreview

Use Azure Data Box Disk service for smaller or recurring data into Azure.

Need to quickly and securely move a smaller amount of data, but still too large to move it quickly via your network? Do you have a remote office where you have a recurring need to move data to the home office? Data Box Disk leverages the same infrastructure and management experience as Azure Data Box. You can order up to five 8TB disks, totaling 40TB per order for fast, simple and secure migration into Azure. Easily connect it via USB 3.1 or SATA II/III. Once data is downloaded, the Disk(s) ship overnight to an Azure DC where your data is quickly and securely uploaded. Your data is automatically protected using 128-bit AES encryption, and the device is securely erased after upload.

Secure End to End

The Data Box and Disk are securely encrypted using a customer provided password during the order process. The Data Box and Disk use 256 bit and 128-bit AES encryption respectively to keep your data safe!

Easy to Use

The Data Box can plug directly into your local network; use its built-in administration capabilities to specify a static IP address or via DHCP.

The Disk offers both USB 3.1 and SATA connectors for fast upload.

Partner Supported

The Data Box and Data Box Disk are supported and endorsed by a global array of partners with deep experience helping customers manage large amounts of data.

  • Commvault
  • Carbonite
  • CloudLanes
  • HubStor
  • Cohesity
  • Veritas
  • Teradata
  • NetApp
  • Avid Music Composer
  • Peer Software
  • Robin
  • Veeam
  • Nasuni
  • SoftNAS
  • Data Dynamics
  • Archive 360
  • rubrik
  • WANDisco

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