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Azure Data Box family

Move stored or in-flight data to Azure quickly and cost-effectively: Data Box offline devices easily move data to Azure when busy networks aren’t an option. Data Box online appliances transfer data to and from Azure over the network.

Data Box

Why Azure Data Box family?

Data is being generated at record levels, and moving stored or in-flight data to the cloud can be challenging. Azure Data Box products provide both offline and online solutions for moving your data to the cloud.

Data Box, Data Box Disk, and Data Box Heavy devices help you transfer large amounts of data to Azure when the network isn’t an option. These offline data transfer devices are shipped between your organization and the Azure datacenter. They use AES encryption to help protect your data in transit, and they undergo a thorough post-upload sanitization process to delete your data from the device.

Data Box Edge and Data Box Gateway are online data transfer products that act as network storage gateways to manage data between your site and Azure. Data Box Edge, an on-premises network device, transfers data to and from Azure and uses artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled edge compute to process data. Data Box Gateway is a virtual appliance with storage gateway capabilities.

Offline data transfer

Data Box

Data Box

This ruggedized device, with 100 TB of capacity, uses standard NAS protocols and common copy tools. It features AES 256-bit encryption for safer transit.

Data Box Disk

Data Box Disk

Our 8 TB SSD, with a USB/SATA interface, has 128-bit encryption. Customize it to your needs—it comes in packs of up to five for a total of 40 TB.

Data Box Heavy

Data Box Heavy PREVIEW

As its name implies, this ruggedized, self-contained device is designed to lift 1 PB of data to the cloud.

Online data transfer

Data Box Edge PREVIEW

This on-premises physical network appliance transfers data to and from Azure. Analyze, process, and transform your on-premises data before uploading it to the cloud using AI-enabled edge compute capabilities.

Data Box Gateway PREVIEW

Data Box Gateway also transfers data to and from Azure—but it’s a virtual appliance.