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SQL Database

The developer’s intelligent cloud database

Learn and adapt dynamically with your app

As your app runs, Azure SQL Database continuously learns your unique app patterns, adaptively tunes your performance, and automatically improves reliability and data protection—freeing you to focus on your app.

Scale performance on the fly, without app downtime

When demand for your app grows from a handful of devices and customers to millions, SQL Database is the database service that can scale along with you—on the fly and with no app downtime.

Build multitenant apps with customer isolation and efficiency

If you’re a SaaS app developer writing a multitenant app that services many customers, you often make tradeoffs in customer performance, management, and security. With SQL Database elastic database pools, you no longer have to make that compromise. Create elastic database pools to help you manage and monitor multitenant apps and gain isolation benefits of one customer per database.

Work within your preferred development environments

Develop your app with the tools and platforms you prefer. We make it easy to connect to SQL Database with a variety of technologies, you focus on what you do best: building great apps.

Help protect and secure your app data

Build security-enhanced apps in the cloud with built-in data protection, high availability, and security features—without implementing custom code. With physical and operational security built in to Azure, SQL Database can help you meet the most stringent regulatory compliances.

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