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SQL Database

A database service for app developers

Make building and managing apps easier and more productive. With built-in intelligence that learns app patterns and adapts to maximize performance, reliability, and data protection, SQL Database is database service built for developers.

Stop worrying. Start adapting.

When you create apps, you want to write the code, submit the app, and move on to the next feature set. What you don’t want is to worry about constantly managing your database. That’s why SQL database continuously learns your app patterns and adaptively tunes itself to meet your app’s needs.

Scale on the fly

When a spike in demand appears, make sure downtime doesn’t appear along with it. SQL Database scales on the up or down on the fly—without any interruptions to your application.

Build multitenant apps with efficiency

If you are a SaaS app developer, don’t compromise performance, efficiency, and security to give the client what they want. Stop compromising and build a multitenant app with an elastic pool to more efficiently support your tenant app.

Work with what you know

Already have a language, tool, and platform you love? Stick with what you know and work with SQL Database with a variety of technologies you’re used to.

Help keep your app safe

Security-enhanced apps shouldn’t be an afterthought. Help protect and secure your apps from the start with data protection and top-notch security built in to SQL Database—no custom code required.

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