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Data Platform Studio

Get started with an automatic data migration from SQL Server

Fast provisioning and scaling

Provision a data warehouse in just 3 to 5 minutes, and scale your compute in seconds to keep up with demand. Unlike other cloud services that can require hours to scale up, SQL Data Warehouse truly delivers on the promise of cloud elasticity, making it ideal for batch-based data warehouse workloads.

Budget freedom and flexibility

Because SQL Data Warehouse has a decoupled storage and compute model, it allows you to easily scale compute in seconds without over-provisioning or over-paying. Plus, SQL Data Warehouse offers the unique option to pause compute, giving you even more freedom to better manage your cloud costs. Now bring all your data with no tradeoffs on which data to ingest—run compute only on the datasets that matter.

Innovative security for strong protection

Only SQL Data Warehouse includes built-in auditing and threat detection, which use machine learning to understand the patterns of your workload and serve as an alarm system to alert you of a potential breach—before it’s too late. SQL Data Warehouse also works seamlessly with Azure Active Directory, the proven technology that currently supports 1.3 billion daily authentications across 600 million user accounts. This support enables single sign-on (SSO) to further protect data by ensuring the right users have access to the right data, which is critical when end users are running analytics against the data warehouse.

Big data insights with integrated queries

Built-into SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft PolyBase technology simplifies and enables distributed analytics and allows you to run a single T-SQL query using familiar tools over multiple data sources, including Azure Storage blobs. PolyBase also offers blazing-fast data ingestion from within the same query tooling experience.

Real-time analytics with built-in BI

Transform your business with real-time analytics for all of your data, structured and unstructured, with existing tools you already know and love—including industry-leading Power BI and Microsoft Excel. Plus, tools from popular BI partners including Looker Data Sciences, Tableau Software, and Qlik Technologies work great with SQL Data Warehouse. And seamless compatibility with SQL Server Integration Services, Azure Analysis Services, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Storage ensures insight across all of your data, as fast as it’s coming in.

Build a cloud data warehouse

Learn about data warehousing or learn more about Azure SQL Data Warehouse to see how our fast, fully-managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse can transform your business intelligence needs.

Diagram showing data flowing into SQL Data Warehouse from multiple sources like SQL Database (transactional), Azure Table storage (telemetry), Azure Data Lake (obtaining data from Azure Data Factory, Azure Stream Analytics, Event Hubs), and additional database sources. SQL Data Warehouse can then output data to Machine Learning or business intelligence options like Power BI, Excel, or third-party apps.
Data Platform Studio

Get started with an automatic data migration from SQL Server

Screenshot of Data Warehouse import screen showing import in progress: Upload at 100% and import at 80% for six tables in project.

Why use a cloud data warehouse?

Learn how building a cloud-based data warehouse can drive incredible value while driving greater results.

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We never stop improving SQL Data Warehouse. Read our blog to stay up-to-date on our latest enhancements.

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Review a step-by-step guide to get started with SQL Data Warehouse, then learn common SQL Data Warehouse best practices.

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Drive insights through a single SQL–based view across all data sources. Use Transact-SQL queries across relational and non-relational data. Dig into authentication and connections, Dynamic SQL, stored procedures, user-defined schemas, and views.

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