Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Enterprise-ready, fully managed community PostgreSQL

Focus on your app, not the database, with a fully managed database as a service for PostgreSQL. Easily migrate to the cloud, using languages and frameworks of your choice, and deploy an enterprise-ready PostgreSQL server with built-in high availability. Scale up in seconds, or scale out using Hyperscale (Citus), now in preview. Get multi-layered security, Azure IP Advantage, and the industry-leading reach of Azure, all with flexible pricing.

Fully managed community PostgreSQL with multilayered security

Simplify your infrastructure and database management with fully managed, community-edition PostgreSQL featuring multilayered security and continuous monitoring across a global network of Microsoft datacenters.

Scale out Postgres to get blazing performance with Hyperscale (Citus), now in Preview

Grow beyond single-node PostgreSQL and scale out across multiple nodes. Developed as an extension to PostgreSQL, Hyperscale (Citus) stays current with the latest innovations and lets you leverage your PostgreSQL expertise.

Scaling and high availability to meet your needs

Provision in minutes, and flexibly scale compute or storage resources independently within seconds. Built to deliver high availability, Azure Database for PostgreSQL requires no extra configuration, replication, or cost to ensure that your apps run when you need them to.

Protect your database and improve performance with built-in intelligence

Azure Database for PostgreSQL uses built-in intelligence that learns your unique database patterns and provides customized recommendations and insights that enable you to maximize the performance of your PostgreSQL database. Advanced Threat Protection monitors your database around the clock and detects potential malicious activities, alerting you upon detection so you can intervene right away.

Languages and frameworks of your choice

Use popular open source frameworks and languages—including C#, C++, Java, Python, Node, and PHP—to deliver a fully integrated experience that supports your application development needs.

Simple and flexible pricing

Get everything you need with simple, flexible pricing—including capabilities such as automatic database patching, automatic backups, built-in monitoring, and security at no extra cost.

See how companies use Azure Database for PostgreSQL to realize their potential

Developer Resources

Build intelligent applications using Microsoft Cognitive Services and Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Connect containers running in Kubernetes to Azure Database for PostgreSQL using the Open Service Broker for Azure

Connect your app’s data to Power BI to create rich, interactive reports with visual analytics

What can you build with Azure Database for PostgreSQL?

Learn about use cases below:

Digital marketing campaigns

Engage with customers around the world with rich, personalized digital marketing experiences. Quickly build and launch digital campaigns that automatically scale based on customer demand.

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Marketing digital utilisant Azure Database pour PostgreSQL | Microsoft AzureDéveloppez des applications transformationnelles sophistiquées à l’aide d’algorithmes Machine Learning de pointe et d’outils de visualisation intégrés permettant de générer des insights et analytiques actionnables.BrowserCDNCMS on Web AppApplication InsightsAzure Database for PostgreSQLRedis Cache

Retail and e-commerce solutions

Build secure and scalable e-commerce solutions that meet the demands of both customers and businesses. Engage customers through customized products and offers, process transactions quickly and securely, and focus on fulfillment and customer service.

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Applications de vente au détail et de e-commerce utilisant Azure Database pour PostgreSQLCréez des solutions de e-commerce scalables et sécurisées répondant aux exigences des clients et des entreprises. Impliquez les clients par le biais d’offres et de produits personnalisés, traitez les transactions rapidement et en toute sécurité et concentrez-vous sur le service client et le traitement des commandes.BrowserAzure Database for PostgreSQL(Product Catalog)Azure Database for PostgreSQL(Session State)Azure App ServicesAzure Search(Full-text index)Azure Storage (Logs,static catalog content)Azure HD Insight(Analytics)

Finance management applications

Securely store critical data and provide users with high-value analytics and insights over aggregated data, using in-built security and performance.

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Applications de gestion financière utilisant Azure Database pour PostgreSQLStockez de façon sécurisée les données critiques et fournissez aux utilisateurs des insights et analytiques à forte valeur ajoutée sur les données agrégées, en utilisant la sécurité et les performances intégrées.

Scalable web and mobile applications

Rapidly build engaging, performant, and scalable cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

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Applications mobiles et web scalables utilisant Azure Database pour PostgreSQLGénérez rapidement des applications multiplateformes natives attrayantes, performantes et scalables pour iOS, Android, Windows ou Mac.

Intelligent apps

Develop sophisticated, transformational apps using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and integrated visualization tools to get actionable insights and analytics.

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Applications intelligentes utilisant Azure Database pour PostgreSQLDéveloppez des applications transformationnelles sophistiquées à l’aide d’algorithmes Machine Learning de pointe et d’outils de visualisation intégrés permettant de générer des insights et analytiques actionnables.

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