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Log Analytics

Transform your log data into insights and action

Collect and correlate data from multiple sources

Centralize log data from multiple systems in a single data store. Transform your Azure activity data and managed resources data across different subscriptions into actionable insights. Get deeper visibility into your hybrid IT environment including Azure and on-premises resources.

Customize dashboards to focus on what matters most to you

Create powerful dashboard using custom search queries to build data visualizations. Define custom fields using on-the-fly field extraction and rich built-in functions.

Perform rich data exploration with interactive queries

Correlate data in new ways using powerful joins to gain deeper insights and zoom in to investigate interesting events using advanced date-time analysis. Quickly identify the root cause of operational issues.

Use smart analytics powered by machine learning

One click to diagnose performance issues from advanced analytics portal. Use machine learning algorithms to detect and mitigate potential issues before they impact users.

Turn insights into action with built-in notification and automation

Integrate with your service desk solution and correlate alerts, events and incidents from various sources. Use built-in notifications such as SMS, email and Webhook. Automate and trigger remediation with Azure Automation, Logic Apps and Functions.

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