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Azure Lab Services

Computer labs in the cloud

Fast and flexible setup

Get started quickly with a simple, guided setup. Compile relevant lab resources for your classroom, research project, development and testing, or other scenario using custom templates. And support your demand with built-in scaling and resiliency.

Simple and easy to use

Share cloud labs using the sharing feature or via email. Track recipients as they join and use lab resources, and schedule lab resource availability. Lab users can easily join and view resources from a simple dashboard with just a few clicks.

Dashboard analytics

Streamline costs by setting usage parameters policies by user or by lab. Keep track of usage and activity trends from your owner dashboard.

Built-in security

Set up private virtual networks and subnets for your lab, and use shared, public, or private IP addresses. Securely access resources using your virtual networks configured with ExpressRoute or site-to-site VPN.

Customize your Lab Services

Classroom Lab gives users steady access to the virtual machines, software, and data they need.

Trial Lab enables evaluation of new software on your terms, and lets customers try your software.

If you want to fully customize your lab, Azure DevTest Labs lets users create environments within fully customizable guidelines that control cost and support their organization’s governance and compliance, in their own subscriptions.

Choose lab sizes that fit your specific performance-level and budget needs. Learn more about Azure Lab Services pricing.

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