Build apps faster with a serverless architecture

Accelerate your development with an event-driven, serverless compute experience. Scale on demand and pay only for the resources you consume.

Take advantage of serverless compute with Functions

Easily build the apps you need using simple, serverless functions that scale to meet demand. Use the programming language of your choice, and don’t worry about servers or infrastructure.

Manage your apps instead of infrastructure

Focus on building great apps. Don’t worry about provisioning and maintaining servers. Azure Functions provides a fully managed compute platform with high reliability and security. With scale on demand, your code gets the compute resources it needs—when it needs them, freeing you of capacity planning concerns.

Optimize for business logic

Write code only for what truly matters to your business. Utilize innovative programming model for everything else such as communicating with other services, building HTTP-based API, or orchestrating complex workflows. Azure Functions naturally leads you to a microservices-friendly approach for building more scalable and stable applications.

Develop your way

Create Functions in the programming language of your choice. Write code in an easy-to-use web-based interface or build and debug locally on your machine with your favorite development tool. Take advantage of built-in continuous deployment and use integrated monitoring tools to troubleshoot issues. Leverage the same function code for multiple targets – Cloud service, Azure Stack or IoT Edge.

Customers building serverless applications with Functions

What you can do with Functions

Web application backends

Online orders are picked up from a queue, processed and the resulting data is stored in a database. Build a serverless web application now.

Mobile application backends

Colleagues use mobile banking to reimburse each other for lunch: the person who paid for lunch requests payment through his mobile app, triggering a notification on his colleagues’ phones.

Real-time file processing

Patient records are securely uploaded as PDF files. That data is then decomposed, processed using OCR detection, and added to a database for easy queries.

Real-time stream processing

Huge amounts of telemetry data is collected from a massive cloud app. That data is processed in near real-time and stored in a DB for use in an analytics dashboard.

Automation of scheduled tasks

A customer database is analyzed for duplicate entries every 15 minutes, to avoid multiple communications being sent out to same customers.

Extending SaaS Applications

A SaaS solution provides extensibility through webhooks, which can be implemented through Functions, to automate certain workflows.

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