Azure Data Box for online data transfer

Move stored or in-flight data to Azure quickly and cost-effectively. Data Box online data transfer products help you move data to Azure with the option to process it before the transport.

Azure Data Box for online data transfer

Easily move your data to and from the cloud

Data Box online data transfer products, Data Box Edge and Data Box Gateway, create a link between your site and Azure storage. This makes moving data to and from Azure as easy as working with a local network share. Their high-performance transfer capabilities take the hassle out of network data transport. Data Box Edge is also an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled edge computing appliance.

Data Box Edge

  • AI-enabled edge compute
  • Physical device shipped by Microsoft
  • Storage gateway
  • Supports SMB or NFS protocols
  • Supports Azure Blob or Files
  • 1U chassis, 2x10 core CPU, 128 GB RAM
  • 12 TB local NVMe SSD storage
  • 4x25 GbE network interfaces

Data Box Gateway

  • Virtual device provisioned in your hypervisor
  • Storage gateway
  • Supports SMB or NFS protocols
  • Supports Azure Blob or Files
  • Supports Hyper-V or VMware

Use cases

Data pre-processing at the edge

Analyze data from on-premises systems or Internet of Things (IoT) devices to get results quickly—and close to where data is being generated. Transfer full edge data sets to the cloud to perform more advanced processing or deeper analytics. Use pre-processing to aggregate or modify data, subset and transfer big data, and analyze and react to IoT events.

Machine learning inferencing at the edge

Run machine learning models at the edge for quick results without a round-trip to the cloud. Transfer the full data set to Azure to retrain and improve your models.

Network data transfer from the edge to the cloud

Easily and quickly transfer data to Azure for further compute and analytics or for archival purposes.

Edge Compute

Do local processing and storage without incurring network latency

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Cree, an innovator in power and radio frequency semiconductors, uses Data Box Edge to meet the storage needs of its rapidly expanding manufacturing processes.

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