Text Analytics API

Turn unstructured text into meaningful insights

Understand what your customers think

Use a few lines of code to easily analyze sentiment, extract key phrases, detect topics, and detect language for any kind of text.

Sentiment analysis

Find out what users think of your brand—or any topic—by analyzing any English-language text to score the overall sentiment of it. You are now easily able to monitor the perception of your brand or topic over time.

Key phrase extraction

Automatically extract key phrases from English-language text to quickly identify the main points.

Topic detection

Find and retrieve topics from English-language articles to identify the key issues or suggestions customers are regularly mentioning.

Language detection

Determine what language a piece of text is written in—from 120 supported languages.

What our customers are saying

"Thanks to the Cortana Intelligence capabilities of Text Analytics, we’re able to incorporate guest sentiment into our actionable guest feedback platform that delivers a comprehensive view of guest satisfaction and server performance. Visualizing the voice of the guest using Power BI and keyword analysis provides game-changing insight to restaurant and corporate management."
Al Pappa, Head of Business Intelligence, Ziosk

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Allow your apps to process natural language, evaluate sentiment and topics, and learn how to recognize what users want.

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Teach your apps to understand commands from your users

Text Analytics API PREVIEW

Easily evaluate sentiment and topics to understand what users want

Web Language Model API PREVIEW

Use the power of predictive language models trained on web-scale data

Bing Spell Check API

Detect and correct spelling mistakes in your app

Translator Text API

Easily conduct automatic text translation with a simple REST API call


State-of-the-art image processing algorithms help you moderate content automatically and build more personalized apps by returning smart insights about faces, images, and emotions.


Detect, analyze, organize, and tag faces in photos


Personalize user experiences with emotion recognition

Computer Vision API PREVIEW

Distill actionable information from images

Content Moderator PREVIEW

Automated image, text, and video moderation


Processing spoken language in your applications

Bing Speech API

Convert speech to text and back again to understand user intent

Speaker Recognition API PREVIEW

Use speech to identify and authenticate individual speakers

Translator Speech API

Easily conduct real-time speech translation with a simple REST API call

Custom Speech Service PREVIEW

Overcome speech recognition barriers like speaking style, background noise, and vocabulary


Make your apps, webpages, and other experiences smarter and more engaging with the Bing Search APIs.

Bing Search APIs

Web, image, video, and news search APIs for your app

Bing Autosuggest API

Give your app intelligent autosuggest options for searches


Map complex information and data in order to solve tasks such as intelligent recommendations and semantic search.

Recommendations API PREVIEW

Predict and recommend items your customers want

Academic Knowledge API PREVIEW

Tap into the wealth of academic content in the Microsoft Academic Graph

Bing Speech API is licensed separately and is governed by the following Terms of Use.

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