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You can login with your Microsoft account.



Matched questions:

  • How do I login to the QnA Maker Portal?
  • how do I login?
  • how do i login
  "answers": [
      "answer": "You can login with your [Microsoft account](https://account.microsoft.com/account).",
      "score": 100.0,
      "questions": [
        "How do I login to the QnA Maker Portal?",
        "how do I login?",
        "how do i login"

Want to build this?

Quickly extract questions and answers from your existing content

Use your existing content to build and train a simple question-and answer-bot that responds to users in a natural, conversational way. Ingest FAQ URLs, structured documents, and product manuals and extract all possible question-and-answer pairs from the content.

Easily train and improve your question-and-answer bot service

Edit, remove, or add question-and-answer pairs with a simple-to-use interface, then publish your knowledge base as an API endpoint for a bot service. Easily test and train the bot using a familiar chat interface.

Scale your service according to your business and compliance needs

Because QnA Maker service is a hosted model, its data and runtime components are hosted as part of your Azure subscription. Choose product tiers according to your size and throughput needs, and feel secure knowing all components are within your Azure compliance boundary.

Expand your options by integrating with other APIs

Seamlessly integrate QnA Maker with other APIs like Language Understanding service and Speech APIs to interpret and answer user questions in different ways.

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FAQ Chatbot Architecture

Arquitectura de bot de chat de preguntas más frecuentesLa herramienta QnA Maker facilita a los propietarios de contenido el mantenimiento de sus bases de conocimiento de preguntas y respuestas. Al combinarla con Bot Service y Language Understanding, resulta muy fácil configurar un bot de chat de preguntas más frecuentes con respuestas de diferentes bases de conocimiento según la intención de la consulta.1234567
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  2. Flow


The QnA Maker tool makes it easy for the content owners to maintain their knowledge base of Questions and Answers. Combined with Bot Service and Language Understanding, it becomes simple to setup a FAQ chatbot which responds from different knowledge bases depending on the intent of the query.


  1. 1 Employee access FAQ Bot
  2. 2 Azure Active Director validates the employee's identity
  3. 3 Query is send to a LUIS model to get the intent of the query
  4. 4 Based in the intent, the query is redirected to the appropriate Knowledge base
  5. 5 QnA Maker gives the best match to the incoming query
  6. 6 The result is shown to the employee
  7. 7 Data Champions manage and update their QnA Knowledge base based on the feedback from user traffic

"QnAMaker enabled Accenture to build corpus at speed to quickly launch an HR chatbot for 100,000+ people. We were able to leverage Q&A Maker and LUIS to build our conversation hierarchy, getting us the best of both."

Sangita Agarwal, Managing Director – Human Resources Technology Platforms, Accenture

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QnA Maker

Distill information into conversational, easy-to-navigate answers

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