Language Understanding Intelligent Service

Teach your apps to understand commands from your users

Understand language contextually, so your app communicates with people in the way they speak.

Create language-understanding models

Have the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) guide you to quickly build models for your application that understands voice commands—from intents like "turn on the lights" to entities such as "start a new jog/walk/hike/bike ride." Then once created, tune your model with in-depth performance visualizations.

Use pre-built models from Bing and Cortana

Bring the power of Bing and Cortana to your app with pre-built models that enable personal assistant functionalities, handle common voice requests like “set an alarm for 8 AM,” or recognize entities like places, times, numbers, and temperatures.

Deploy to HTTP endpoints

Deploy your application models to an HTTP endpoint with a single click—returning easy-to-use JSON.

Use on any device

Access voice commands from your application on phones, tablets, or any other device that has access to the Internet.

Maintain models with ease

Ensure voice commands are working like they should. LUIS automatically points out popular commands for review to spot and correct any errors in your application model.

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Teach your apps to understand commands from your users

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