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SAP on Azure Solutions Brief

Published: 9/30/2020

Learn why Azure is the best cloud to run your SAP workloads. Running SAP solutions on Azure provides customers with real-time insights and flexibility to quickly respond to changing needs in the market while paving a path to a resilient future. Azure is a proven cloud platform that is SAP certified and optimized to run your mission critical SAP workload – customers across every industry run their largest production SAP landscapes on Azure. With the Embrace initiative, SAP and Microsoft have deepened their partnership to provide customers with a simplified and jointly developed path to the cloud through industry-specific best practices, reference architectures, and cloud-delivered services. By migrating SAP workloads on Azure, customers can tap into more than 100 Azure services access SAP Cloud Platform, apply intelligent analytics, and also integrate with an organization’s existing productivity and collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Apps, and Microsoft Power BI. By bringing SAP and non-SAP data together, customers are able to accelerate time to value and create new customer and employee experiences for better business outcomes.