Cloud-Native Applications in Java with Azure

Build microservice-based, cloud-native applications that dynamically scale

Published: 11/29/2018

As businesses turn to the cloud to address the need for highly scalable applications, cloud-native application development skills are in high demand. Java developers need to understand how to build cloud-native architectures to be able to support rapidly evolving business demands. 

Read Cloud-Native Applications in Java with Azure to learn how to build secure and resilient Java applications with Spring, Spring Boot, and Azure, including how to:
  • Design your architecture with patterns and best practices specific to the cloud.
  • Ensure high availability and security by using Azure services to design, develop, deploy, and manage your application.
  • Migrate from monolithic architectures to a cloud-native deployment.
  • Use key cloud-native technologies, including serverless computing, containers, and microservices.  

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