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Choosing your database migration path to Azure

Published: 4/19/2018

With so many on-premises implementations at customer sites, how do you migrate from the traditional on-premises SQL Server implementation to modern Azure SQL Database technologies and benefit from what cloud database services can offer? This white paper will guide you through the thought process and steps required to migrate your database workloads from on-premises to Azure-based cloud services.

You'll learn about the five stages of the SQL Migration Roadmap: 
  1. Understand your database footprint and potential approaches to migration.
  2. Assess the discovered workload requirements and any dependencies.
  3. Plan and describe the workloads to be migrated, the tool to be used for migration, and the target platform for the workload.
  4. Transform any workloads not currently compatible with modern data platforms. Optimize workloads to take advantage of new features.
  5. Perform migration, validate successful migration, and remediate applications where required.