Microsoft FastTrack for Azure

Build and deploy Azure solutions quickly and confidently with direct assistance from Azure Product Group program managers and engineers.

Key benefits of FastTrack for Azure

Direct assistance from Azure engineers.

Access to tools and real customer experiences.

Collaboration with your in-house resources and partners.



Help defining your business vision and goals and assessing your architectural needs.

Solution enablement

Proven practices and design principles for your business applications.


Support for your in-house resources to successfully deploy your Azure solutions to production.

See what FastTrack for Azure customers have to say

“FastTrack gave the entire team the confidence to pick our next big project…. The wealth of information provided by the FastTrack is what enabled us to be on such an accelerated timeline.”

Adam LeFaive, Director of Information Management, San Joaquin Valley College

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San Joaquin Valley College

“We’re branching into new Azure solutions and verticals that we couldn’t touch before.”

Bill Hole, President, US Licensing Group

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US Licensing Group

“The FastTrack team gave us an understanding of the theories behind why we do certain things.”

Al Farland, Telecommunications Manager, City of Corona, California

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City of Corona

“After a year of testing and fine-tuning, we determined that using Workspot Workstation Cloud to deliver workstations from Azure—powered by NVIDIA GPU accelerators—made good business sense.”

Israel Sumano, Senior Director of Infrastructure Services, Southland Industries

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Southland Industries

Successful customer will meet the following requirements:

Have an active paid Azure subscription.
Be located in a region supported by FastTrack for Azure. See the FAQ for all locations.
Have an identified, FastTrack for Azure supported project expected to incrementally consume at least $5000 per month within 12 months.

FastTrack for for Azure helps you:

Learn and leverage best practices and patterns, design principles, and tools to drive Azure solutions successfully.

Feel more confident and knowledgeable about Azure.

Accelerate deployment of Azure solutions to production.

FastTrack for Azure supported solutions

Available now:

  • Data center migration
  • Windows Server on Azure
  • SAP on Azure
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • High-performance computing*
  • Cloud-native apps
  • DevOps
  • App modernization
  • Linux on Azure*
  • Cloud-scale analytics**
  • Intelligent apps
  • Intelligent agents**
  • Data modernization
  • Security and management
  • Globally distributed data

*In preview in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe

**In preview in the United Kingdom and Western Europe

Available in late 2019:

  • IoT


FastTrack for Azure FAQs

    • What is FastTrack for Azure?

      FastTrack for Azure is a Microsoft program that provides direct assistance from Azure engineers, working hand in hand with partners, to help eligible customers build Azure solutions quickly and confidently. FastTrack offers best practices and tools to design, configure, develop, and deploy Azure solutions.

    • Where is FastTrack available?

      FastTrack resources are available to help qualified Azure customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe.

      Within Western Europe, the program is available (in English only) in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nordics, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

    • Is there a cost for FastTrack services?

      No. FastTrack for Azure is an investment from Microsoft to help customers develop and deploy Azure services and solutions.

    • How do I qualify for FastTrack?

      To qualify, you must meet all of the following criteria:

      • Be located in one of the countries/regions where FastTrack is available.
      • Have an identified, FastTrack-supported Azure project expected to incrementally consume at least USD5,000 per month (or equivalent in local currency) within 12 months.
      • Have an active paid Azure subscription.

      Note: An identified, FastTrack-supported project is a defined workload with intent to deploy in the near term. If you have a Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect, additional approval is required. Contact your account team for details.

    • How do I get nominated?

      Ask your account team or your Azure deployment partner to nominate you, or chat with one of our agents on the FastTrack for Azure site.

    • Are Azure Government customers eligible?

      Yes. FastTrack for Azure is available to eligible customers in both the Azure commercial cloud and the Azure Government cloud.

    • What is the engagement process?

      The main phases of a typical FastTrack for Azure engagement are:

      • Discovery. Identify key stakeholders, understand the problem you’re solving for, and assess the architectural needs.
      • Solution enablement. Conduct the architectural design review, share best practices and design principles for building applications, provide core services as needed, offer configuration guidance, and enable solution proof-of-concept and development/test environments.
      • Deployment. Support your in-house resources and your partner during the deployment of Azure solutions into production.
    • How long is the engagement?

      The length of engagement varies depending on your needs.

    • Which Azure solutions does FastTrack support?
      Eligible customers may engage FastTrack resources for one or more of the supported Azure solutions.
    • At what stage does FastTrack get involved?

      Fast Track is designed to help you build and deploy Azure solutions; it’s not intended to help envision a project. You should engage the program only after you have a specific Azure project in mind that meets the criteria.

    • What is an Azure project?

      An Azure project is one or more Azure solutions—a group of Azure services, third-party applications, and related products that help meet the most common business needs and scenarios.

    • What don’t FastTrack resources do?

      FastTrack resources don't:

      • Work on-site.
      • Write code or scripts.
      • Deploy solutions.
      • Develop architectural deliverables.
      • Turn on Azure subscriptions.
      • Access customer subscriptions.
      • Take control during engagement sessions.
      • Provide guidance on Microsoft 365.

    • How does the FastTrack for Azure team work with partners, Microsoft Enterprise Services, or Microsoft Premier Support?

      If you're working with a third-party partner, Microsoft Enterprise Services, or Microsoft Premier Support, the FastTrack team will work with you and the other party to ensure that you both have the resources you need to successfully deploy Azure solutions. If you aren't working with a partner but would like to, the FastTrack team will connect you with one.

    • What's the difference between FastTrack for Azure and Activate services (previously Fast Start)?

      FastTrack provides resources, tools, and access to experts (Azure engineers and partners) to help deploy Azure solutions into production—specifically, Azure projects estimated to incrementally consume at least USD5,000 (or equivalent in local currency) within 12 months. Activate is a four-day on-site engagement with a Microsoft engineer aimed at deploying an initial, low-friction Azure workload through proof-of-concept activities. Those eligible for FastTrack are typically beyond an Activate engagement; your account team can help you determine which program is best for you.

    • Where can I find the latest information on Azure?

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