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Azure Video Analyzer

An AI service for quickly building video analytics solutions

Extract actionable insights from videos

With Azure Video Analyzer, developers can quickly build an AI-powered video analytics solution to extract actionable insights from videos, whether stored or streaming. Organizations can enhance workplace safety, in-store experiences, digital asset management, media archives, and more by understanding audio and visual video content without video nor ML expertise.

Azure Video Analyzer (in preview) delivers the developer platform for video analytics, and Azure Video Analyzer for Media (generally available) delivers AI solutions targeted at Media & Entertainment scenarios.

Build your video analytics solutions faster and reduce time to market

Extract rich video insights with fully integrated, high-quality AI models

Easily customize to your scenario

Run responsibly anywhere, in your own environment, spanning from edge to cloud

Live Video Analytics is now Azure Video Analyzer and Video Indexer is now Azure Video Analyzer for Media.

Build a video analytics solution in days, not months

Focus development efforts on the outcome rather than on setting up and operating a complex video analysis pipeline. Azure Video Analyzer builds on top of AI models, simplifying capture, orchestration, and playback for streaming and stored videos. Get real-time analytics to create safer workspaces, optimal in-store experiences, and more.

Media organizations can quickly process their video libraries to improve content discoverability and enhance user engagement with Azure Video Analyzer for Media.

Gather and manage insights with industry-leading AI models

Azure Video Analyzer comes with AI models to extract accurate and meaningful data for your use-case. Harness spatial analysis for real-time understanding of people’s movements in a physical spaces. With the metadata, create timeline-based visualizations, heatmaps, and anomaly detection.

Azure Video Analyzer for Media applies AI models to extract audio and visual data such as spoken words, text, faces, speakers, topics, and scenes from stored video to make content searchable and actionable.

See the AI in action for Azure Video Analyzer for Media

Easily tailor to the needs of your scenario

Azure Video Analyzer offers intuitive customization of the orchestration pipeline. Customize video workflows to your specific needs via a pipeline description language that works from the edge to the cloud and for live and batch scenarios. The service is also extensible for your data science team to plug in their own custom models.

With Azure Video Analyzer for Media, you can tailor the AI models to improve insight accuracy.

Run responsibly anywhere

Safeguard your organization's data and reputation when running the service from the cloud to the intelligent edge, backed by the most trusted cloud with over 90 certifications.

With Azure Video Analyzer in containers, you choose where the service processes your data—supporting consistency in hybrid environments across data, management, identity, and security. Our containers are built for handling sensitive data and minimizing latency for mission-critical use-cases, from in-store to off-shore.

Learn about running Azure Video Analyzer at the edge

Specialized for Media and Entertainment

Azure Video Analyzer for Media (formerly Video Indexer) is recognized for AI innovation helping organizations make sense of their content, moving the industry forward at a time when video content creation is growing exponentially. In addition to indexing the content, you can create new media from existing content by using the AI-based video editor. Find the right media content in your library, locate the pieces you're interested in, and use the editor to stitch them together into a new video.

Get started with Azure Video Analyzer for Media

2019 NAB Show Product of the Year Award, AI/Machine Learning

2018 IABM Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award®, Design and Innovation

2018 BaM Award®, Content Management

Use cases

Workplace safety

Protect your employees, your customers, and your physical business assets by analyzing workplace video to detect safety violations.

Digital asset management

Extract the full value of your video library by enabling quick search and new video generation.

Process optimization

Optimize your business processes by analyzing live video streams at your site and combining them with signals from other sensors and relevant business data.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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Documentation, training, and resources

Azure Video Analyzer for Media Resources

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Dow uses vision AI at the edge to boost employee safety and security with Azure

"We needed to scale our solution to thousands of deployments, and we couldn't have done that so quickly without Azure Video Analyzer and the other Azure services we've used."

Michael Dessauer, Senior Solutions Manager, Dow

Lufthansa CityLine streamlines aircraft turnaround, reduces flight delays with Azure Video Analyzer

"Before we had Azure Video Analyzer, physically monitoring our operations was a manual, time-consuming task. DeepTurnaround automatically embeds continuous process performance management without the need for human input—which helps our people focus on tasks that add more value."

Xavier Lagardere, Group Head of Data Strategy and Transformation, Lufthansa Group

Telstra creates innovative AI solutions for the 5G era with Azure Video Analyzer

"By placing AI at both sides of our network, we can intelligently decide if the video is worth sending over our network for deeper analysis. This cut down the amount of data being processed by up to 50 times, directly reducing our network transmission and compute costs."

Luca Stamatescu, Senior Artificial Intelligence Technology Expert, Telstra

MediaValet boosts asset ROI by transforming digital asset management

"With Azure Video Analyzer for Media, we deliver more ways for our customers to analyze their assets. They can isolate standard and cognitive metadata, find assets quickly—even within a library of 6 million assets, for example—and then home in on specific insights within those assets."

Jean Lozano, Chief Technology Officer, MediaValet

Automating scene selection

Endemol Shine Group, creator of the TV show Big Brother, automates its production using Azure services, including Azure Video Analyzer for Media.

Endemol Shine Group

Personalizing video content

Zone·tv uses Azure Video Analyzer for Media to deliver a revolutionary, feature-rich suite of video services.


Frequently asked questions about Azure Video Analyzer

  • See availability here.
  • See SLA details here.
  • Azure Video Analyzer (formerly Live Video Analytics) is optimized for real-time video analytics. It's a service that caters to multiple industries that are looking to extract actionable insights from their live video feeds.

    Azure Video Analyzer for Media (formerly Video Indexer) is an industry-specific version of the service that specializes in analyzing stored video assets for Media and Entertainment companies.

  • No, this service caters specifically to developers who do not have a background in video analytics nor machine-learning. All you need to get started is to apply the programming languages you already know.
  • Azure Video Analyzer for Media supports most common media formats. See Standard Encoder formats for details.

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