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Azure Monitor

Gain end-to-end observability for your applications, infrastructure, and network.
Maximize the performance of your hybrid resources and proactively identify problems

Transform your business with modern monitoring tools

  • Get fast onboarding and a high-quality standard backed by Azure SLAs for Azure, multicloud, and hybrid resources.
  • Enhance diagnostics with curated visualizations, distributed tracing, and a powerful centralized logs platform.   Monitor virtual machines and Kubernetes clusters.
  • Build custom solutions with an open-source platform and integrations with Azure services and third-party solutions.
  • Elevate privacy, security, and compliance for mission-critical workloads with data purging, encryption, and audit functionalities.

Boost performance with simplified monitoring tools

Curated Insights

Get a customized monitoring experience on a particular service or set of services with minimal configuration.

Visualization Tools

Observe ingested data from your distributed environment on a single pane of glass.

Powerful Data Platform

Get deeper troubleshooting, diagnosis, and analysis on your telemetry data.

Critical Situation Response

Get near-real-time alerts and ability to autoscale resources when load increases.  

Built-in security and compliance 

Microsoft has committed to investing $20 billion in cybersecurity over five years.
We employ more than 8,500 security and threat intelligence experts across 77 countries.

Azure has one of the largest compliance certification portfolios in the industry.

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Azure Monitor pricing

Billing is primarily based on the volume of data ingested into Azure Monitor. Use capacity reservation tiers to save up to 36 percent on data ingestion costs as compared to pay-as-you-go pricing.   Some functionalities of Azure Monitor such as alerts, notifications, web tests, and data export have additional charges.
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The business value of Azure Monitor

Find out how enterprises use Monitor to deliver significant value, including a 615 percent 3-year ROI and 9 percent lower cost.

See how customers are innovating with Azure


  • Microsoft combined three unique services—Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, and Application Insights—under the umbrella of Azure Monitor to provide powerful end-to-end monitoring of your applications and the components they rely on. Log Analytics and Application Insights are now features of Azure Monitor. The log data engine and query language of Log Analytics is now referred to as Azure Monitor Logs

  • Azure Monitor is enabled the moment you create a new Azure subscription, and activity log and platform metrics are automatically collected. Create diagnostic settings to collect more detailed information about the operations of your Azure resources, and add monitoring solutions and insights to provide extra analysis on collected data for particular services.

  • No. Azure Monitor is a scalable cloud service that processes and stores large amounts of data, although Azure Monitor can monitor resources that are on-premises and in other clouds.

  • You can easily migrate your SCOM deployments to the cloud with Azure Monitor SCOM managed instance, a scalable, cloud monitoring service that combines the latest SCOM capabilities with the benefits of a fully managed and evergreen platform as a service (PaaS), on Azure Monitor.

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