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Azure Modeling and Simulation Workbench PREVIEW

Azure Modeling and Simulation Workbench PREVIEW

Securely collaborate on research and engineering projects in an on-demand workspace

Rapidly set up a secure workspace for engineering and research collaboration

Azure Modeling and Simulation Workbench is an on-demand service that provides a fully managed engineering, research, and simulation environment with secure user collaboration enabled by multilayered security and access controls.

On-demand customizable research and engineering environment with automated resource provisioning and deprovisioning

Secure, private workspace for disparate teams to co-design and share intellectual property (IP)

Performant platform optimized for research and engineering workloads with the ability to scale out compute and storage

Built-in data provenance, security, and governance features for end-to-end supply chain security

Set up quickly with the push of a button

Help developer teams to easily build and maintain an environment with a simplified user interface and end-to-end automation. Unlike high-touch infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions, Azure Modeling and Simulation Workbench automates performant infrastructure deployment with state-of-the-art security management to reduce setup time from weeks to hours.

Securely collaborate and share IP data

Enable secure multiparty, multi-region collaboration and controlled IP data sharing across geographically dispersed stakeholders within the same or different organizations.

Access performant and resilient infrastructure

Meet the performance requirements of a diverse set of workloads using a scalable and resilient infrastructure built for demanding engineering workloads like electronic design, simulation, and modeling.

Trust in Azure security and privacy

Rely on a secure and private workspace built on a strong foundation of Azure infrastructure services combined with pervasive identity management, access controls, data partitioning, monitoring, and traceability features.

Built-in security and compliance

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Azure Modeling and Simulation Workbench resources and documentation

Frequently asked questions about Azure Modeling and Simulation Workbench

  • Azure Modeling and Simulation Workbench can be deployed in both commercial and government clouds. See the full list of available regions on the products available by region page.
  • Typical deployment time is two hours.
  • Azure Modeling and Simulation Workbench is tool agnostic and can support Linux-based software for running design simulations.
  • The workbench deploys a license server to enable support for FlexLM licenses in the design workflow.
  • Users can securely set up their networking to connect to the workbench via either VPN, Public IP, or Express Route.

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