Azure Stack Hub

An extension of Azure bringing the agility and innovation of cloud computing to your on-premises environment

What is Azure Stack Hub?

Part of the Azure Stack portfolio, Azure Stack Hub broadens Azure to let you run apps in an on-premises environment and deliver Azure services in your datacenter. As organizations race to digitally transform, many are finding they can move faster by using public cloud services to build on modern architectures and refresh legacy apps. Many workloads, however, must remain on-premises—for example, due to technological and regulatory obstacles. Microsoft has you covered with broad hybrid cloud options and cloud innovation for all your workloads, wherever they reside.

Your own autonomous cloud that you can run completely or partially disconnected from the internet and the public cloud

Ability to use consistent tools, experiences, and app models and easily transfer them between Azure and Azure Stack Hub

One Azure ecosystem giving you integrated systems from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC, Cisco, Lenovo, and others

Edge applications and disconnected solutions

Address latency and connectivity requirements by processing data locally in Azure Stack Hub and then aggregating it in Azure for further analytics, with common app logic across both. You can even deploy Azure Stack Hub disconnected from the internet and from Azure.

Cloud apps that meet varied regulations

Develop and deploy apps in Azure while maintaining full flexibility to deploy on-premises to help meet regulatory or policy requirements. No code changes are needed. Help meet requirements for tasks like global auditing, financial reporting, foreign exchange trading, and online gaming.

A cloud app model that’s on-premises

Use Azure services, containers, serverless, and microservice architectures to update and extend existing apps or build new ones. Use consistent DevOps processes across Azure in the cloud and Azure Stack Hub on-premises to quickly modernize your mission-critical apps.

Get help through our partner ecosystem

Our integrated systems partners, service providers, and software marketplace partners stand ready to help you extend Azure on-premises.

Work with the people and tools you already use for public cloud, such as hardware partners in your datacenter, managed service providers, trusted system integrators, and application software from the Azure Marketplace—wherever you need them.

Simplify deployment with Azure Stack Hub integrated systems

Optimize your applications by using integrated systems designed to deliver a consistent Azure experience. Get up and running quickly with purpose-built Azure Stack Hub integrated systems from one of our hardware partners.

Connect with technology and service partners

Get the help you need to run Azure Stack Hub or to create hybrid solutions that run on Azure Stack Hub.

Azure Marketplace software

Download select software and services from the marketplace to use with Azure Stack Hub.

Azure Stack Hub for developers

Bring the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments with Azure Stack Hub. Gain flexibility and control by building modern applications across hybrid cloud environments using a consistent set of skills, services, tools, and processes.

Get the Azure Stack Hub Development Kit

Hybrid patterns and solutions

Explore guidelines and examples that you can reuse while implementing hybrid solutions. Boost productivity and more easily meet business requirements when building and deploying applications for cloud and on-premises environments.

Explore patterns and solutions

Hybrid application design considerations

Get best practices for successfully designing, configuring, deploying, and maintaining a hybrid application architecture spanning geography, security, internet access, and other considerations.

Explore design considerations

Choose your purchasing path

A system you manage

  • Typically on-premises.
  • You control management and ops.
  • Buy Azure Stack Hub from Microsoft.
  • Buy hardware from the vendor.
  • Call Microsoft for support.

A managed service

  • Typically at the service provider site.
  • Service is managed for you.
  • Buy service from the service provider.
  • Service includes hardware and software.
  • Call the service provider for support.

Get pricing details for Azure Stack Hub software services on integrated systems.

Try Azure Stack for free before you buy: Download the Azure Stack Hub Development Kit.

Frequently asked questions about Azure Stack Hub

  • See available Azure services by region. Check back soon, because we continually add services.
  • Hardware for Azure Stack Hub is sold as part of integrated systems through our OEM partners. Integrated systems combine software, hardware, support, and services in one turnkey solution.
  • The Azure Stack Hub Development Kit provides a single server instance to run validation of applications to be deployed on Azure Stack Hub, plan for Azure Stack Hub integrated system deployments, and support training and learning. Learn more.
  • The Azure Stack family has expanded to ensure our edge infrastructure fits seamlessly into our customers’ solutions. It now includes a portfolio of products consisting of Azure Stack HCI, Azure Stack Hub (previously Azure Stack), and Azure Stack Edge (previously Azure Data Box Edge).

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