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Set up labs for classrooms, trials, development and testing, and other scenarios

Azure Lab Services enables you to easily set up a lab and provide on-demand access to preconfigured virtual machines (VMs) to support your scenarios. Teach a class, train professionals, run a hackathon or a hands-on lab, and more. Only pay for what you use.

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Lab Unit

With Azure Lab Services, you only pay for active usage. You are not billed for shutdown instances.

Lab Unit $0.01 per hour per Lab Unit

Pricing Example

  • An Instance in a lab is a virtual machine, and each is billed on an hourly basis based on the instance size from the table below.
  • A Lab Unit is the cost unit that determines the price for each instance size. Each size costs a certain number of Lab Units.

For example, the cost calculation for a classroom lab of 50 students using the Small instances for 4 weeks and 10 hours per week would be:

50 Students X 40 hours per student (10 hours per week X 4 weeks) X 20 Lab Units (Small instance size) X $0.01 per hour per Lab Unit = $400*

Instance Lab Units
Small (2 core(s), 3.5 GB RAM) 20
Medium (4 core(s), 7 GB RAM) 42
Medium (Nested Virtualization, 4 core(s), 16 GB RAM) 55
Large (8 core(s), 16 GB RAM) 70
Large (Nested Virtualization, 8 core(s), 32 GB RAM) 84
Small GPU (Compute, 6 core(s), 56 GB RAM) 139
Small GPU (Visualization, 6 core(s), 56 GB RAM) 160
Medium GPU (Visualization, 12 core(s), 112 GB RAM) 408
*Template VM hours, shared image gallery costs, and hours incurred when the lab creator starts a machine are excluded from the estimate.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Lab Unit bundles compute, IP, network, snapshots and disks costs together. An Instance is billed on an hourly basis depending on the number of Lab Units. A Lab Unit is priced the same for all Instances; however, the quantity of Lab Units per Instance varies.

  • We charge for the number of full minutes your Instance is running, so you are not billed for any extra seconds. In this example, you would be billed for 6 minutes.

  • You won't be billed for a machine that is in deallocated (shut down) state as we only charge for active usage. However, a virtual machine can continue to run even after you disconnect from it, so be sure to shut down your machine when you are not working on it.

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