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HDInsight Pricing

Azure HDInsight is Hadoop in the cloud, built to handle any amount of relational or non-relational data, scaling from terabytes to petabytes on demand.

HDInsight allows customers to deploy a variety of cluster types, for different data analytics workloads. Cluster types offered today are:

  • Hadoop clusters for query and analysis workloads
  • HBase clusters for NoSQL workloads
  • Storm clusters for real time event processing workloads
  • Spark clusters for interactive queries, real-time streaming and machine learning workloads
  • R Server for Big Data statistics and predictive modeling

Each cluster type consists of a set of nodes. Customers are billed for the usage of those nodes for the duration of the cluster's life. Billing starts once a cluster is created and stops when the cluster is deleted and is pro-rated per minute.

HDInsight is offered in Standard and Premium editions. Premium preview price incurs a small incremental fee of $0.02 per core-hour in the nodes used in your cluster. The Premium preview price reflects a 75% discount on GA price.

Big Data Workloads Standard PremiumPREVIEW
Standard Hadoop and Open Source Projects (Core Hadoop & YARN, Hive & HCatalog, Tez, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie, Zookeeper, Phoenix)
Columnar NoSQL (HBase)
Stream processing (Storm)
Interactive processing, real-time stream processing & ML (Spark)
Big Data statistics predictive modeling, and machine learning with Microsoft R Server
Azure Cloud Platform Standard PremiumPREVIEW
Scalability – on-demand increase or decrease of resources
High Availability – full redundancy and geo-replication
Service Level Agreement – 99.9% uptime guarantee
Easy provisioning – provision Hadoop clusters with a few clicks and in minutes
Enterprise Readiness Standard PremiumPREVIEW
Administration – manage, monitor & troubleshoot clusters
Hadoop version upgrades and patching – Automatic patching and upgrades
Encryption of data at rest
Price Standard price per Node (Below) HDInsight Standard Price + $0.02/Core-hour for each core used in the cluster

With HDInsight, full Hadoop support is included in your Azure support agreement. An Azure support subscription provides expert technical assistance from Microsoft for organizations implementing Hadoop and for all other services in Azure. It is also backed by Hortonworks, the leading contributor to Apache Hadoop open source. Hortonworks employs some of the original developers and architects of Hadoop who have contributed more than half of all code to Hadoop. This makes Microsoft more qualified to support your deployment through expert technical assistance and the ability to fix and commit code back to open source Hadoop.

Other Azure services associated with HDInsight such as Storage and Data Transfers are billed separately using standard rates. To estimate your bill, try the Azure Calculator.

Please note that HDInsight writes log files in the storage account associated with the cluster. These log files are available even after the cluster is dropped and can be deleted at any time.

General purpose nodes for HDInsight

A3, A4, A6, A7 nodes are an economic option that fits many general purpose needs. Customers that run basic query applications and patterns on Hadoop would benefit from using the A-Series.

A1 node is only available as Zookeeper nodes for Storm. A2, A5 nodes are only available as Zookeeper nodes for HBase and Storm. Edge Node with R-Server is only available on A6, A7.

Instance Cores RAM Disk Sizes Standard
Price / Node
Price / Node
1 1.75 GB 70 GB $0.08 $0.1
2 3.5 GB 135 GB $0.16 $0.2
4 7 GB 285 GB $0.32 $0.4
8 14 GB 605 GB $0.64 $0.8
2 14 GB 135 GB $0.35 $0.39
4 28 GB 285 GB $0.71 $0.79
8 56 GB 605 GB $1.41 $1.57

Compute Intensive

Available in select data centers. A10 and A11 virtual machines feature Intel® Xeon® E5 processors. For high-performance clusters, modeling and simulations, video encoding, and other compute or network intensive scenarios. Similar to A8 and A9 instance configuration without the InfiniBand network and RDMA technology.

Note, when deploying a cluster on A10 or A11 machines, all nodes in the cluster must be A10 or A11.

Instance Cores RAM Disk Sizes Standard
Price / Node
Price / Node
8 56 GB 382 GB $1.64 $1.8
16 112 GB 382 GB $3.04 $3.36

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29/month. Find a plan
  • Guaranteed 99.9% connectivity for multiple instances. Read the SLA


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