HDInsight Pricing

Azure HDInsight offers fully managed and supported 100% Apache Hadoop®, Spark, HBase and Storm clusters. You can get up and running quickly on any of these workloads with a few clicks and within a few minutes without buying hardware or hiring specialized operations teams typically associated with big data infrastructure.

HDInsight clusters consist of a set of nodes. Customers will be billed for the usage of their nodes for the duration of the cluster’s life. Billing starts once a cluster is created and stops when the cluster is deleted and is pro-rated per minute. Customers can choose their cluster type and if they need Standard or Premium. If they need Premium, an additional surcharge will be added on top of the Standard price. Additionally, if customers choose R Server clusters, additional surcharges will also be reflected for these specific workloads. The preview prices below reflect a 50% discount on the Premium GA price. HDInsight Kafka is also under limited Public Preview. For more information about the service and pricing, contact us.

Azure Cloud Data Platform

HDInsight Feature Standard
Base Price /Node-Hour
Base Price /Node-Hour + $-/Core-hour Preview
Unlimited Scale Health Good
Elastic scale
Easy provisioning
High availability

Enterprise Readiness

HDInsight Feature Standard
Base Price /Node-Hour
Base Price /Node-Hour + $-/Core-hour Preview
Basic Monitoring
Hadoop versions upgrades and patching
Encryption of data at rest
Secure Gateway and Zookeeper nodes
Ranger (secure Hadoop) + AD integration

Type of Clusters

HDInsight Feature Standard
Base Price /Node-Hour
Base Price /Node-Hour + $-/Core-hour Preview
Hadoop (Hive, Pig, Storm)
Hadoop with LLAP (interactive querying)
HBase for NoSQL Database
Storm for real-time stream analytics
Spark for in-memory SQL querying, ML, and real-time stream analytics
R Server for parallelized machine learning

How pricing works

Hadoop, HBase, Storm, Spark R-Server
Standard Cluster Base Price /Node-Hour Base Price /Node-Hour + $-/Core-hour
Premium Cluster Preview Base Price /Node-Hour + $-/Core-hour

Base Price /Node-Hour

With HDInsight, full Hadoop support is included in your Azure support agreement. An Azure support subscription provides expert technical assistance from Microsoft for organizations implementing Hadoop and for all other services in Azure. It is also backed by Hortonworks, the leading contributor to Apache Hadoop open source. Hortonworks employs some of the original developers and architects of Hadoop who have contributed more than half of all code to Hadoop. This makes Microsoft more qualified to support your deployment through expert technical assistance and the ability to fix and commit code back to open source Hadoop.

Other Azure services associated with HDInsight such as Storage and Data Transfers are billed separately using standard rates. To estimate your bill, try the Azure Calculator.

Please note that HDInsight writes log files in the storage account associated with the cluster. These log files are available even after the cluster is dropped and can be deleted at any time.

Base Price for A-Series General purpose nodes for HDInsight

The use of A1, A2, A3 nodes is limited to Zookeeper nodes and Headnodes. A-series is not available for data or worker nodes.

Instance Cores RAM Disk Sizes Base Price / Node
A1 1 1.75 GB 70 GB $-
A2 2 3.5 GB 135 GB $-
A3 4 7 GB 285 GB $-
A4 8 14 GB 605 GB $-
A5 2 14 GB 135 GB $-
A6 4 28 GB 285 GB $-
A7 8 56 GB 605 GB $-

Base Price for A-Series Compute Intensive

Instance Cores RAM Disk Sizes Base Price / Node
A10 8 56 GB 382 GB $-
A11 16 112 GB 382 GB $-

Base Price for Dv2-Series Optimized nodes: 35% faster than D-series, latest generation of CPU

Instance Cores RAM Disk Sizes Base Price / Node
D1 v2 1 3.5 GB 50 GB $-
D2 v2 2 7 GB 100 GB $-
D3 v2 4 14 GB 200 GB $-
D4 v2 8 28 GB 400 GB $-
D5 v2 16 56 GB 800 GB $-
D11 v2 2 14 GB 100 GB $-
D12 v2 4 28 GB 200 GB $-
D13 v2 8 56 GB 400 GB $-
D14 v2 16 112 GB 800 GB $-

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29.0/month. Find a plan
  • Guaranteed 99.9% connectivity for multiple instances. Read the SLA




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