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Azure Cache for Redis gives you the ability to use a secure open source Redis cache. It's a dedicated offering managed by Microsoft, to build highly scalable and responsive applications by providing you super-fast access to your data. You get to leverage the rich feature set and ecosystem provided by Redis while also getting reliable hosting and monitoring from Microsoft.

Simplified cache ideal for development/testing.
Production ready cache with primary/replica duplication.
Advanced features like clustering and data persistance that are important to many enterprises.
All the functionality of the Premium tier plus powerful enterprise-ready features like Redis Modules.
Enterprise FlashPreview
The same powerful reliability of the Enterprise tier, but running on fast non-volatile storage for massive, yet cost-effective, cache implementations.
Cache Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Azure Private Link Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Replication and failover - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Availability - 99.9% 99.9% Up to 99.99% Up to 99.99%
Redis data persistence - - Yes Yes Yes
Redis cluster - - Yes Yes Yes
RedisTimeSeries - - - Yes -
RediSearch - - - Yes -
RedisBloom - - - Yes -
Redis on Flash - - - - Yes
Memory size 250 MB-53 GB 6 GB-120 GB 250 MB-120 GB 4 GB-100 GB 384 GB-1.5 TB
Network performance Low to high Moderate to highest Low to high Moderate to highest Moderate to highest
Maximum number of client connections 256–20,000 7,500–40,000 256–20,000 - -


A single node cache is a single node cache which is ideal for development/test and non-critical workloads. There's no SLA on basic tier.

Cache Name Cache Size Network performance Number of Client Connections Price
C0 250 MB Low 256 $-
C1 1 GB Low 1,000 $-
C2 2.5 GB Moderate 2,000 $-
C3 6 GB Moderate 5,000 $-
C4 13 GB Moderate 10,000 $-
C5 26 GB High 15,000 $-
C6 53 GB Highest 20,000 $-

Learn more about how to pick the right cache offering for you.


By default, a replicated cache is a two-node primary/secondary configuration. We manage automatic replication between the nodes to offer a high-availability SLA.

Cache Name Cache Size Network performance Number of Client Connections Price (two-node)
C0 6 GB Low 7,500 $-
C1 13 GB Low 10,000 $-
C2 26 GB Moderate 15,000 $-
C3 53 GB Moderate 20,000 $-
C4 70 GB Moderate 25,000 $-
C5 90 GB High 30,000 $-
C6 120 GB Highest 40,000 $-

Learn more about how to pick the right cache offering for you.


Premium tier includes all the standard-tier features and more, such as better performance over basic or standard-tier caches, bigger workloads, disaster recovery, and enhanced security. Additional features include:

  • Redis persistence allows you to persist data stored in Redis cache. You can also take snapshots and back up the data which you can load in case of a failure.
  • Redis Cluster automatically shards data across up to ten Redis nodes, so you can create larger workloads (up to 1.2 TB) and get better performance.
  • Multi-replica support allows up to five read-only replica nodes to be created per shard, expanding the reliability of the cache and greatly increasing read throughput. Additional replica nodes can also use reserved pricing.
Cache Name Cache Size Network performance Number of Client Connections Pay As You Go (Per Shard, Two Node) 1 Year Reserved (% Savings) 3 Year Reserved (% Savings)
P1 250 MB Moderate 256 $- $- $-
P2 13 GB High 1,000 $- $- $-
P3 26 GB High 5,000 $- $- $-
P4 53 GB Highest 10,000 $- $- $-
P5 120 GB Highest 20,000 $- $- $-

Learn more about how to pick the right cache offering for you.


Pricing information coming soon

Enterprise FlashPreview

Pricing information coming soon


Geo-replication, when enabled, allows two separate Azure Cache for Redis instances across Azure regions to be linked together in a primary/replica relationship. The service maintains the linked primary and replica cache instances in sync. You can read from or write to the primary cache instance, but you can only read from the replica cache instance. In addition to paying the standard charges for the primary and the replica cache instances, you will also pay some charges for the data transfer between regions. Geo-replication is only available on the Azure Cache for Redis premium tier.

Support & SLA

  • We provide technical support for all Azure services released to general availability, including Azure Cache for Redis, through Azure Support, starting at $29/month. Billing and subscription management support is provided at no cost.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)—Azure Cache for Redis guarantees that a standard/premium cache will be available at least 99.9% of the time. Learn more about our SLA. The SLA only covers connectivity to the cache endpoints. The SLA does not cover protection from data loss. We recommend using Redis data persistence feature in the premium tier to increase resiliency against data loss.
  • There's no SLA for basic tier.


  • Managed Cache Service and In-Role were retired on November 30, 2016. For more information, see Azure Managed Cache and In-Role Cache services to be retired on 11/30/2016.

  • Save up to 55% on Azure Cache for Redis Premium tier with a one- or three-year term of reserved capacity. For more information, see documentation page.

  • Not quite. The Enterprise and Enterprise Flash tiers include many of the most popular features from Redis Enterprise, but they are not identical.

  • Azure Private Link enables private connectivity from a virtual network to Azure Cache for Redis, providing straightforward network isolation.


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