Application Insights Pricing

Application Insights offers two pricing options, Basic and Enterprise. With Basic, you pay based on the volume of telemetry your application sends, with a 1 GB free allowance per month. This free data allowance gives you a great way to try out Application Insights as you get started, and it also allows you to use Application Insights for free on an ongoing basis for debugging and for low-volume applications.

In the Enterprise pricing option, you pay for the number of nodes that host your application, and you get a daily allowance of data per node. Additional data beyond the daily allowance is charged per GB. A “node” is a server or Platform-as-a-Service instance that runs your application, and from which we receive telemetry.

The Enterprise option provides unlimited continuous export of data at no extra charge.

Pricing details

Basic Enterprise
Base monthly price Free (unlimited nodes) $- per node
Included Data 1 GB per month 200 MB per node each day
Additional data $- per GB $- per GB
Data retention (raw and aggregated data) 90 days 90 days
Application Performance Management (APM) and Analytics features Included Included
Continuous export $- per GB Unlimited
Connector for OMS Log Analytics Not Included Included
Multi-step Web Tests $- per test per month $- per test per month

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support
  • We guarantee at least 99.9% availability of Application Insights. Read the SLA



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