API Management Plans

Pricing details

  Consumption Developer Basic Standard Premium
Purpose Lightweight and serverless version of API Management service, billed per execution Non-production use cases and evaluations Entry-level production use cases Medium-volume production use cases High-volume or Enterprise production use cases
Price (per unit) $- per 10,000 calls (1M calls free3) $- $- $- $-
Outbound data transfers Charged separately Included Included Included Included
Scale-out (units) N/A (automatic scaling) 1 2 4 10 per region
(call support to add more)
SLA 99.9% No 99.9% 99.9% 99.95% 1
Isolation Shared Private Private Private Private
Usage limits Limits apply No No No No
Cache (per unit) External only 10 MB 50 MB 1 GB 5 GB
Cache, external4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Developer portal No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple custom domain names5 No Yes No No Yes
Azure Active Directory integration No Yes No Yes Yes
Virtual Network support No Yes No No Yes
Multi-region deployment No No No No Yes
Estimated Maximum Throughput2
(per unit)
N/A (automatic scaling) 500 requests/sec 1,000 requests/sec 2,500 requests/sec 4,000 requests/sec

1 Requires deployment of at least one unit in two or more regions.

2 Actual throughput is affected by many factors including the number and rate of concurrent client connections, the kind and number of configured policies, payload sizes and backend API performance. The numbers presented in the table were obtained by testing with 1000 concurrent persistent client secure HTTP connections, minimal payload sizes, no policies configured, and a low latency backend API.

3 Monthly free grant of 1 million requests per Azure subscription.

4 Bring your own Redis-compatible cache, e.g. Azure Redis Cache.

5 Available for gateway only. Limit of 20 domain names per instance. Call support to add more.


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