Azure DevTest Labs pricing

Fast, easy, and lean Dev/Test environments

Azure DevTest Labs helps developers and testers to quickly create environments in Azure to deploy and test their applications. You can easily provision Windows and Linux machines in Labs using reusable templates and artifacts while minimizing waste and controlling cost.

Pricing details

Azure DevTest Labs is a free service. However, you will be charged for other Azure resources that are created in the Lab. For example, you will be charged for the virtual machines that are created in the DevTest Labs per our virtual machine pricing.

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support
  • Need tech support for preview services? Use our forums
  • No SLA during preview period. Learn more


    • Creating a DevTest Lab.
    • Creating Templates in the Lab.
    • Using Templates as base to create VMs.
    • Adding an Artifacts Repository. Artifacts sources are git repositories (VSO-GIT, GitHub etc.) where artifacts (ARM* based JSON files) are checked in.
      *Check out more details about ARM here.
    • Installing Artifacts after a VM is provisioned. Artifacts can be:
      • Tools that you want to install on the VM e.g. agents, Fiddler, Visual Studio.
      • Actions that you want to run on the VM (clone repo, configure something).
      • Applications that you want to test.

    • Storage. Storage accounts are automatically created by the Lab to store following:
      • VHD files used for creating custom Lab templates
      • OS disks of the virtual machines created in Lab
      Learn more
    • Virtual Network. A virtual network is automatically created by Lab and all the virtual machines are added to this virtual network. Learn more
    • Virtual Machines created in Lab. Learn more
    • Azure Key Vault. Lab needs user credentials to talk to private git repository of a user. Lab stores these credentials in Azure Key Vault. Learn more


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