Scheduler pricing

Run jobs on simple or complex recurring schedules

Azure Scheduler lets you run jobs—such as calling HTTP/S endpoints or posting messages to Azure Storage queues—on any schedule, making it ideal for recurring actions like cleaning up logs, kicking off backups, and other maintenance tasks. Integrate jobs into your applications that run immediately, on a recurring schedule, or anytime in the future—and call services both inside and outside of Azure.

Pricing Details

Standard P10 Premium P20 Premium
Price per month1 $- per unit $- per unit $- per unit
Job Executions2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Execution Frequency Every Minute Every Minute Every Minute
Job Collections 10 / unit 10,000 / unit 5,000 / unit
Jobs per Collection 50 50 1,000
Scaling 10 1 Premium unit.
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1 Premium unit.
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Outbound Authentication Included Included Included

1 Billing is prorated hourly. Price above is based on 732 hours per month. One Standard unit is billed for every 10 job collections (or fraction) created, prorated hourly. Similarly, one Premium unit is billed for every 10,000 job collections (or fraction) created, prorated hourly. Jobs are aggregated across geographies.

2 All tiers are limited by the maximum execution frequency and total number of jobs allowed. Job executions are effectively limited to 21.6 million executions per Standard unit and 21.6 billion executions per Premium unit, calculated on a 30-day basis. The unlimited description above refers to unlimited executions per unit for the respective total jobs provided at the corresponding maximum execution frequency.

Support & SLA

  • Technical support for all generally available Azure services, including Azure Scheduler, is available through Azure Support. Billing and subscription management support is provided at no cost.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): For Scheduler Standard, we guarantee that at least 99.9% of the time all scheduled jobs will initiate within 30 minutes of their planned execution times. Availability is calculated over a monthly billing cycle. For more details, visit the Azure SLA page.


  • Scheduler is billed hourly on a prorated basis whenever there is one or more active job collections. One Standard unit is billed for every 10 Standard job collections (or fraction) created, prorated hourly. Similarly, one Premium unit is billed for every 10,000 Premium job collections (or fraction) created, prorated hourly.

  • Quotas for scheduler are applied at the subscription level. Additionally, note that all jobs in a given job collection are tied to the region of that job collection.

  • The execution log contains a rolling 60-day history of job executions.

  • Yes, upgrades for existing job collections are supported by updating the tier attribute.

  • Scheduler supports high availability by pairing across two regions within the same geography. US South Central is paired with US North Central, Europe North is paired with Europe West, and Asia Pacific East is paired with Asia Pacific Southeast. Jobs submitted to a given geography (refer to Geographic Availability below) may run on either of the paired regions.

  • Yes. While both may provide a scheduling functionality, they are independent. Scheduled jobs in Mobile Services is a feature of such service. Scheduler is a standalone scheduler service with broader use cases.


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