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Block Blob storage is used for streaming and storing documents, videos, pictures, backups, and other unstructured text or binary data.

Total cost of Block Blob storage depends on:

  • Volume of data stored per month.
  • Quantity and types of operations performed, along with any data transfer costs.
  • Data redundancy option selected.

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Explore Azure Block Blob storage options, including account types and redundancy. Learn more about storage account types and redundancy.


  • A Blob Storage account is specialized for storing data as blobs, and allows users to specify an access tier based on the frequency of access to data in that account. General Purpose accounts can be used to store blobs as well as files, disks, tables, and queues.

  • No. Block Blob prices in General Purpose storage accounts have not changed.

  • If you see “Hot,” “Cool,” or “Archive” in the resource name, this means the charge is associated with Blob Storage accounts. For example, if you see “Standard IO – Cool Block Blob (GB),” this means you’re using and being charged for Blob Storage or General Purpose v2 accounts. “Standard IO – Block Blob (GB)” is the meter associated with the use of Block Blobs in General Purpose storage accounts.

  • In Blob Storage and General Purpose v2 accounts, you can set the access tier of a blob as Hot, Cool, or Archive. Storage GB pricing increases from Archive to Cool to Hot tiers, and the cost of accessing data increases, conversely, from Hot to Cool to Archive tiers. Archive and Cool tiers should be used for rarely and infrequently accessed data, respectively. The Cool tier has a lower availability SLA than the Hot tier. If you don't know the access pattern for your data, we recommend that you start with the Hot tier for at least a month, and then determine whether you can save costs by moving to Cool or Archive storage based on your actual usage.

  • You’ll be charged for both read operations per 10,000 blobs and for data retrieval per GB when you toggle your Blob Storage or General Purpose v2 account from Cool to Hot. For example, if you have 10,000 blobs equaling 100 GB of data in a Blob Storage or General Purpose v2 account, and you toggle that account from Cool to Hot, you’ll be charged 10,000 x ($-/10,000) + 100 × $- = $- for data retrieval.

  • In General Purpose v2 accounts, you’ll only be charged for write operations (per 10,000). There will be no charge for these operations in Blob Storage accounts.

  • When you write data into GRS accounts, that data will be replicated to another Azure region. The Geo-Replication Data Transfer charge is the bandwidth cost of replicating that data to another Azure region.

  • A blob cannot be read directly from the Archive tier. To read a blob in Archive, a user must first change the tier to Hot or Cool. For example, to retrieve and read a 1,000-GB blob in Archive that has been in the Archive tier for 90 days, the following charges would incur (pricing based on selected region effective 3/1/2018):

    Data retrieval (per GB) from Archive: $-/GB-month x 1,000 x 1 GB = $-

    Rehydrate operation (SetBlobTier Archive to Hot): $-/10k x 1,000 = $-

    Early deletion charge: (180 - 90 days) x $0.002/GB-month x 1,000 x 1 GB = $6

    Read blob operation from Hot = $-/10k * 1,000 = $-

    Total = $- + $- + $6 + $- = $-

  • Pricing for Blob Storage accounts and General Purpose v2 accounts are identical for Block Blob storage, except for data write (per GB) and early deletion charges in the Cool tier. Blob Storage accounts charge for Cool data writes (per GB) but not Cool early deletion, whereas General Purpose v2 accounts charge for Cool early deletion but not Cool data writes (per GB).

  • There will be a one-time fee equal to the sum of all data multiplied by the geo-replication fee in the primary region. For data stored in the Archive tier, there will also be a charge to read all the data (both read operations per 10,000 blobs and for data retrieval per GB) from the primary region and to write all the data (write operations per 10,000) into the secondary region.

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