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App Configuration pricing

Fast, scalable parameter storage for app configuration

Get hosted, universal storage for all of your Azure apps. Manage configurations effectively and reliably, in real time, without affecting customers by avoiding time-consuming redeployments. Azure App Configuration is built for speed, scalability, and security.

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Free Standard
Resources per subscription 1 Unlimited
Storage per resource 10 MB 1 GB
Revision history 7 days 30 days
Requests quota 1,000 per day
(Once the quota is exhausted, HTTP status code 429 will be returned for all requests until the end of the day)
20,000 per hour
(Once the quota is exhausted, requests may return HTTP status code 429 (Too Many Requests) until the end of the hour)
SLA None 99.9% availability
Security functionality Encryption with Microsoft-managed keys
HMAC or AAD authentication
RBAC support
Managed identity
Service tags
All Free tier functionality plus:
Encryption with customer-managed keys
Private Link support
Cost Free $- per resource per day, plus an overage charge at $- per 10,000 requests.
The first 200,000 requests are included in the daily charge. Additional requests will be billed as overage.

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