Azure Dedicated Host pricing

A dedicated physical server to host your Azure VMs for Windows and Linux

Azure Dedicated Host is an Azure service that provides physical servers - able to host one or more Azure virtual machines - dedicated to your organization and your workloads. The server capacity is not shared with other customers. As you provision the host, you gain direct visibility and control over the underlying Azure infrastructure.

Azure Dedicated Host pricing details

Dedicated Host is charged at the host level. You will be billed as soon as you provision the host irrespective of the number of Azure VMs running on the host.

Dedicated Host SKUs (VM series and Host Type) Available vCPUs Available RAM CPU Pay as you go 1 year reserved 3 year reserved

Software licenses

In addition to the Compute resources, software licenses are billed separately at a VM level based on usage. Eligible customers can leverage Azure Hybrid Benefit for additional savings.

License type Pay as you go

Dedicated Host configuration table

You can deploy only one supported Azure VM series at a time on Azure Dedicated Host. The VM series and sizes depend on the Azure Dedicated Host Type. For example, on an Azure Dedicated Host Type 1, you will be able to deploy any Dsv3-Series VM sizes - from D2s v3 to D64s v3. The configuration table below provides you with more detailed information.

Dedicated Host SKUs (VM series and Host Type) Physical cores Available vCPUs Available RAM VM Size # VMs

Configuration examples

With Azure Dedicated Host, you will be able to run any number of Azure VMs part of the same VM-Series within the core and memory capacity limits of the host. For example, any of the configurations listed below are possible.

Dedicated Host SKUs Sample combinations
  • 16 D2s v3 VMs + 8 D4s v3 VMs
  • 4 D2s v3 VMs + 4 D4s v3 VMs + 5 D8s v3 VMs
  • 2 D16s v3 VMs + 1 D32s v3 VMs
  • 20 E2s v3 VMs + 2 E8s v3 VMs
  • 6 E4s v3 VMs + 2 E16s v3 VMs
  • 12 E2s v3 VMs + 1 E32s v3 VMs
  • 28 F2s v2 VMs + 4 F4s v2 VMs
  • 4 F4s v2 VMs + 8 F4s v2 VMs + 1 F32s v2 VMs
  • 4 F2s v2 VMs + 1 E64s v2 VMs


  • You will pay the Pay as you go rate for every hour the host is provisioned, and you will pay for the entire host regardless of the number of VM instances that are running on the host. Any additional charges, such as software licenses, are charged separately.

  • The software licenses are billed separately at individual VM level based on the usage. Eligible customers can leverage the Azure Hybrid Benefits to save on licenses.

  • Because the hardware is dedicated to you, the outsourcing software management terms applicable to Windows server and SQL server licenses acquired prior to October 1, 2019 permit you to allocate your existing licenses to Azure Dedicated Host just as you would license a server in your own data center. Eligible customers can also use the Azure Hybrid Benefit for savings on Azure Dedicated Host deployments. Learn more on the Azure Hybrid Benefits page.

  • Yes, you can mix different VM sizes on a single host. For example, you can deploy D2s v3 and D16s v3 VMs on the same host. You cannot mix VMs from different VM series (e.g. Dsv3 and Esv3).


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