Synoptek’s Managed Azure Services provides you with professionals that can architect your public cloud environment, orchestrate application performance, provide 24x7 technical support, operate on-going patch and change management, and provide best security practices. Synoptek's Managed Services for Azure include the following :

24x7 Support
• Synoptek provides a team of support engineers and certified Azure architects to respond to your needs around the clock. Your staff will be routed to Synoptek’s North Amercia-based team that is most familiar with your systems who deliver troubleshooting, resolution and guidance
• The Synoptek Edge™ 24x7 access to a regional team that understands your business and IT history

Maximizing Uptime
• Synoptek proactively monitors network and workload performance, platform activity, and trends in utilization. Synoptek watches for activity that could disrupt your business and then performs the necessary remediation. Lastly, Synoptek ensures that systems maintain current backups and restore capabilities.
• The Synoptek Edge™ 24x7 proactive monitoring mitigates failures in your cloud workloads. When issues do occur, Synoptek will swiftly perform the necessary remediation.

Security Management
• Synoptek employs advanced malware protection and regularly patches subscribed devices to quickly mitigate security vulnerabilities.
• Available Option - Network Anomaly Detection adds an additional critical layer of security. Synoptek closely watches your system activity looking for anomalous behaviors. An assigned Virtual CISO oversees all security activity, governance, and meets regularly with your team.
With advanced alerting and cloud governance, Synoptek’s guidance maximizes your cost efficiency. Synoptek regularly performs cloud right-sizing analysis and resource management to enable datadriven cost-optimization decision making.
• The Synoptek Edge™ 400+ continuous checks to identify idle and underutilized resources, savings opportunities from instance types, and more.
• Synoptek assigns a dedicated advisor who will understand your business, optimize your direction, and provide ongoing strategic guidance. Cloud technologies are changing rapidly and provide an opportunity for innovation and efficiency. Your dedicated advisor will help lead your organization’s digital transformation.
• The Synoptek Edge™ The resultant technology roadmap will ensure accountability and drive IT strategy for your business.

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