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Cloud Computing is a new frontier for many in the technology world. Simply defined, cloud computing is a hosted solution which does not require an on-site server. Instead, applications are hosted at a secure offsite data center (many of which offer guaranteed up time and accessibility). Cloud computing is a powerful, cost effective, reliable option for many applications and business needs. Cloud-based or hosted applications free your organization from the expense of purchasing and maintaining an on-site server. They are generally budget friendly and are ideal for companies with multiple locations or those that wish to support telecommuting initiatives.

Realized Solutions works to help companies leverage technology concepts like cloud computing. RSI will help you assess and determine when certain technologies make sense for your business. Some applications like Anti-Spam, Off-Site Backups and Group Collaborations are great candidates to be hosted in the cloud. Other more industry specific software applications may not be good candidates and should continue to be hosted locally. Industry specific/ business line applications often encounter interface limitations that may be overly restrictive if hosted in the cloud.

Realized Solutions will help guide your business in deciding what cloud based applications make sense for your organization’s objectives, needs and budget.

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