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M&M Software is the innovative partner for industrial software solutions, IoT and industry 4.0. Our many years of experience in the area of software development and consulting in conjunction with our industry expertise and our technology know-how will lead you into a successful future.

In close collaboration with Microsoft, we are developing cloud and IoT solutions based on Microsoft Azure.

The company headquarters is located in St. Georgen (Black Forest, Germany). With our subsidiary in Suzhou near Shanghai (China), we are not only serving the upcoming Asian markets, but we are also offering offshore development services with proven M&M quality to our customers in Europe and the rest of the world with significant price benefits.

With our kickstarter offer, which is based on a combination of Microsoft Azure and M&M Cloud components, a fully functional Cloud/IoT application can be developed within six weeks. The application forms the basis for further developments.

The IoT Connector is a software solution that runs on a Linux-capable controller. It connects an IEC61131 application running on the controller with Microsoft Azure IoT and opens a bidirectional, encrypted communication channel between the IoT Connector and the Cloud via MQTT, AMQP and REST.

Asset Management Cloud is an industrial Azure IoT solution that consists of a cloud service with a web-portal, which makes it possible to collect data decentralized from the field level to the cloud. From there, this solution enables users to access current and historical data independent of location, monitor status and handle alarms. It also acts as a data source for other cloud-based or local applications.

As a reliable software development partner, we realize customer-specific product visions. Together with our customers, we develop tailor-made, unique industrial and technical software solutions. Typical solutions include field device management, engineering systems, operation and monitoring (HMI), data acquisition, archiving and evaluation, software platforms and software product lines, web-based applications and mobile apps.

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