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Moving to the cloud reduces your hardware costs and lessens the burden on your internal IT team. The cloud also converts large CapEx costs to manageable monthly OpEx costs while giving your end users collaboration tools that are always up-to-date.

At the same time, knowing exactly how to leverage the cloud and which options make sense for your business presents a tremendous challenge:

• Do you need a network infrastructure, an application platform, an application service, or all three?
• Do you need a public or private cloud—or a hybrid that integrates with your on-premise environment?
• Should you migrate your existing environment or create a new one?
• Should you give end users new tools or let them keep what they are used to?
• How should you manage and administer your cloud platform?

With all these questions to answer, knowing where to start and which choices make the most sense for your business can be difficult. That’s where Metalogix can help.

Our consultants guide you through the world of cloud computing, and we offer a wide range of solutions built upon Microsoft Azure—the cloud platform and infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft datacenters.

Within the Azure platform, Metalogix specializes in several Microsoft cloud-based solutions:

• SharePoint
• Office 365
• OneDrive
• Exchange

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity, Metalogix also provides all the key services to ensure that your cloud operates at peak performance and protects your digital assets:

• Storage Optimization—database consolidation to cut costs and eliminate administration headaches
• Security and Governance—permissions management, auditing, reporting and compliance
• File Syncing and Sharing—so users can access content anytime and from any location
• Backup and Restore—including data replication with scalable file archiving that allows you to reduce backup and restore times
• Streamlined Migrations—fast, flexible and scalable solutions to migrate email, files and applications
• Ongoing Management—monitoring, diagnosis and troubleshooting with one view of all your content, servers, databases, and networks

Contact Metalogix to learn how the cloud can help your business operate more efficiently and lower IT costs while reducing the burden on your internal IT team. We help you determine exactly which cloud options make the most sense for your unique business needs.

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