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Business Solutions d.o.o. was founded with the vision of becoming a high-quality, technologically advanced and ultimately affordable provider of IT solutions for business. Today, we offer one-stop business IT equipment with comprehensive information covering all requirements.

The overarching aim is to give our clients the opportunity to engage only with its core business, and that all information technology is left to our professionals. In today's speed of development it’s almost impossible to keep track of all changes and maintain a comprehensive overview of the services and technologies in the marketplace. At Business Solutions d.o.o. we offer turnkey solutions.

Imagine that you have a single IT system to meet the needs of the entire company! Imagine that your needs are covered with the most technologically advanced IT systems that grow with your business and never need to be replaced. Imagine that all of the business functions of the system are covered and remove all the manual work! Imagine that you get all the statistics and reports with one click of a button and all the information is instantly updated in real-time. You don’t need to wait hours or days to get the desired information. You can do it easily and whenever you need it. Everything you need is in one place, all in one system, and all available immediately.

Products and services that we offer:
Hosting of hardware and software, IT services in the cloud
Enterprise Resource Planning system Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)
Localization of MS Dynamics NAV for the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and others,
Development of expansion modules (add-on) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
AllForUtility solution a complete solution for business, which is engaged in distribution of electricity, gas, water, and companies engaged in the removal or recycling of waste and landfills management
AllForOptics solution - a complete solution for opticians
NavOnWeb web application - web client for MS Dynamics NAV
Solutions for Business Intelligence
On-line stores creation in Magento system
Consultancy services, analysis of IT systems and business processes
Outsourcing Data Processing Services
System integration, support and sales of computer hardware
System software sales, consulting and installation of server software
External Accounting and Financial Consulting
Web design and web applications
Documentation Systems (DMS - Document Management System)
Systems to manage contacts and business relationships (CRM - Customer Relationship Management)
Intranet and business portal Microsoft SharePoint
Solutions for mobile devices (storage terminals, smart phones, tablet computers)
Solutions for retail and retail checkouts (POS - Point Of Sale)
Web-based business applications for specific companies and accounting firms

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